Dishes Famous Chefs Advise Against Ordering In Restaurants.

Posted by Editorial Staff in Food On 13th May 2017

When we go out to a restaurant or a cafe, eager to have a good time and treat ourselves to dishes prepared by professional chefs, we want to be sure that the food we order is of high quality and freshly made.

Today we presents you with a collection of recommendations from world-famous chefs about which dishes you’d better avoid ordering in a restaurant so as not to turn your evening into a bitter disappointment!



Choosing something off the menu at a restaurant can be a challenge, especially if there are dozens of delicious-sounding options.

But the task may now be a little easier after restaurant chefs have revealed the dishes they believe you should avoid ordering at certain eateries - and it's bad news for fans of chicken.

From fish on a Monday to everyone's favourite brunch of eggs hollandaise, these are the dishes which will make you regret your menu choice and leave you dissatisfied.


#2 Eggs With Hollandaise Sauce

If you always order poached eggs with smoked salmon, asparagus or spinach, we have some bad news for you.

Chef Anthony Bourdain has said that brunch is the time when chefs can get away with serving the leftover bits and pieces from Friday and Saturday night dinner services.

A staple of brunch is classic eggs benedict or eggs royale - but Bourdain says the sauce has to be kept at a certain temperature for it to be safe to eat.

'Bacteria love hollandaise,' he revealed in his book, Kitchen Confidential. 'And nobody I know has ever made hollandaise to order.'


#3 Never Order FISH on Monday

According to Anthony Bourdain, every week most restaurants order fresh fish on Thursday or Friday to stock up for the busy weekend. By the time Monday rolls around, it may not be so nice—fresh fish only keeps for three days. On Tuesday the leftovers are likely tossed and another order is placed. If all else fails, ask your server where the seafood came from and when it was caught and delivered.

Bourdain said in his book: 'I never order fish on Monday, unless I'm eating at a four-star restaurant where I know they are buying their fish directly from the source.'

#4 Iceberg lettuce

The iceberg wedge salad is one of the industry’s biggest rip-offs. Take into account that iceberg lettuce is about 98 percent water, and it’s easy to see why. “It's marked up at least 20 times,” says Peter Chastain, executive chef and owner of California’s Prima Ristorante. Plus, germs can hide inside lettuce’s cracks, corners, and edges. “You think lemons in water are dirty? The salads are filthy,” Cannon says.

Even if restaurants do decide to wash their greens, the lettuce is often served soggy, which is big red flag—standing water mixed with lukewarm, mayo-based dressing is a disaster waiting to happen.

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