Disney Parks Chief Shows Off 'Real Life' Lightsaber In The Flesh

By Haider Ali in Entertainment On 13th March 2023

For Star Wars enthusiasts, it's a momentous occasion as a 'real-life' lightsaber has been created, making it a lucky day indeed.

While previous renditions of this renowned weapon have been available for a while, the latest version sets itself apart from the rest, being the closest one can get to an authentic lightsaber experience.

Last weekend at SXSW, Chairman Josh D'Amaro, the chief of Disney Parks, revealed the weapon and told an audience that people "dream of things like this" while expressing shock.

After that, he demonstrated the lightsaber, and let's just say that it was unlike anything we had ever seen before, not surprisingly, the crowd gasped.

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"I have the coolest job in the world," D'Amaro admitted, showing off the blue weapon. "I'm holding a real lightsaber."

He can be seen pressing a button in the unveiling footage before the lightsaber arrives, appearing just as brilliant and lethal as the real thing.

The R&D manager for Disney Imagineering, Leslie Evans, was then presented, and she gave an explanation of how they were able to make the weapon come to life.

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She said that the project was hard and not easy, before adding that its ultimate aim was to "build film moments in the real world."

D'Amaro expressed her complete fascination with the lightsaber, stating, "I love firing this thing up."

So, precisely how does the lightsaber perform? Although it's not completely clear yet, one fan seems to have an intriguing idea.

In reaction to the unveiling, it was made public, and it's a Google patents page that describes how the special effects function.

The page reads:

"The special effects device includes two long plastic cylinders that are cut lengthwise. These two pieces (or blade body members) are then each rolled perpendicular to their length (or their central axis), which creates compact cylinders of material of relatively small volume that can be provided on a pair of spools or reels.”

"The spools holding the blade body members, along with other blade-producing elements, are housed within the body of the hilt assembly of the special effects device or lightsaber prop."

The chief of Disney parks then used the panel, titled "Creating Happiness: The Art & Science of Disney Parks Storytelling," as a chance to emphasize the parks' dedication to innovation.

"We're humbled by the fact that millions of people choose Disney as their vacation destination every year to escape into our beloved stories," he said.

"To our guests around the world, I want to tell you that we've only just begun... We want to invent the future once again - together - drawing on a range of voices and perspectives that will help us continue to create even more happiness around the world."