Disturbing Images That Will Keep You Up At Night

Posted by Editorial Staff in Geeks and Gaming On 11th April 2017

Your goosebumps will explode from fear


#1 I Feel Pretty

This horrifying image is something that leaves a lot to the imagination. There is literally no story behind the picture; it was just something horrific that someone stumbled upon in an abandoned house in New York. It looks like either a scene of murder or a great idea for a horror movie. It’s a shocking image, but again, one that is left to the imagination. There was no body found, so the explanation of where all the blood came from is a mystery — a scary image that really makes you wonder. Another question is: who was the person that found the message and what were they doing in the abandoned house in the first place? If I saw something that terrifying, I don’t know if I would have stayed there long enough to take a picture. Let’s all raise our hands in agreement.


#2 Horatio Gordon Robley and his collection of severed heads, 1895.

During the 19th century, Horatio Gordon Robley was a renowned collector of the macabre and the obscure, specializing in collecting “Mokomokai” — otherwise known as the preserved heads of New Zealand’s Maori people.


#3 A midnight haunting over a baby’s crib, circa 1860.

They say that ghosts are attracted to children because of their innocence. In fact, children often don’t even consider a ghost scary at first and even refer to it as a “friend.” Adults, of course, are different because we have preconceived notions of ghosts, and we don’t get to see them in the same way. Besides, ghosts probably know we can’t be fooled in the same way a child can. Plus, they want fresh souls. Hahaha, just kidding…well maybe. There is no explanation behind this picture. What should have been a beautiful picture of a baby ended up being something terrifying because of what appears in the photo. It could be fake; but how many horror movies are based on situations exactly like this one? It’s like the movie Mama, where a ghostly mother tries to take a real-life child to replace her dead ones.


#4 Six skeletons smoking around the dinner table, circa 1865.

Just chillin’.


#5 This ghoulish encounter, circa 1863.


#6 This playful clown from 1924.

Actor Lon Chaney is shown dressed as a clown for his role in the film He Who Gets Slapped. He just wants to play!


#7 Dwyer’s Suicide

This is the last photo taken of R. Budd Dwyer, who had been charged and convicted of taking bribes while in the position of State Treasurer. He maintained his innocence throughout the trial but was convicted anyway. One of the witnesses later recanted his testimony stating that he had lied about knowing that Dwyer had taken a bribe. That was too late, of course, because the day after his conviction, Dwyer held a press conference in which he committed suicide by shooting himself in front of video cameras and photographers. It’s hard to imagine what was going through Dwyer’s head that made him publicly commit suicide, but maybe he was trying to make a point about his innocence: he couldn’t live with the fact that he was convicted. It was a gruesome scene for anyone to witness, and staring at this picture gives you an eerie feeling.


#8 Class Project

It must be hard going through medical school and having to work on corpses in order to get the experience you need to become a doctor. It’s just something that you have to accept as a medical student. Most people who go into the field, however, have strong stomachs and don’t worry about things like that. In the 1900s, things were a little more barbaric, and we certainly managed to find some creepy pictures from that era. This picture is dated 1901, and it shows three med students working on a project. For whatever reason, they thought it was a good idea to take a picture with their class project, and we have what looks to be a gruesome corpse. This is definitely not trick photography; we get the creepy image in full view. But I guess you have to be proud of your work.


#9 An Unexplained Girl

This lonely grave has no name, and the story itself is very mysterious. In 1933, a girl arrived in Willoughby, Ohio, and no one had any idea who she was or where she came from. She arrived by Greyhound bus and stayed the night at a boarding house. She met a lot of people and made the decision to go to New York. She decided to take a train the next day, and when she got to the train station, she saw the train to New York arriving. Suddenly, she started running to the train, leaving her luggage behind. She was hit by the train and killed instantly. No one could explain her death in any way. Was it an accident? If so, then why leave her luggage behind when she ran for the train? Was it a suicide? That’s the most likely answer, but no one understood why the girl in the blue dress did that. She only had a ticket to Pennsylvania and 90 cents in her pocket.


#10 My Friend, Lisa

Lisa does not look friendly at all, and if I were to see my child draw this picture, I would probably pack us up and leave home. This has Amityville Horror written all over it. The thing in the picture does not look friendly in any way; not to mention, there is the question of all the red on the image. Is it blood? She states that mom and dad can’t see it and assumes it’s an imaginary friend, but I guarantee that after seeing this picture, they may have second thoughts about that. It looks like they may have a haunting going on at their home, and the child should be removed immediately. Talk about a creepy photo. What would you do in a similar situation? I would definitely be taking the kid to see someone just in case.


#11 Victorian Women

Victorian women are known for entertaining guests in the most extravagant ways. They dress to the nines and have lavish parties for no reason at all. If you look back to that time, you can see the elaborate hats and gowns the women used to wear just like in this photo. Judging by the look on her face, however, this woman looks like she didn’t expect the guest who’s peering over her shoulder. There is absolutely no explanation for this photo aside from the fact that it was taken in the 1860s, but it’s beyond bizarre and creepy. We’re not sure if they were posing with gag statutes or if this thing is real. Why would they pose with such grotesque things? If it is real, what the heck is it and what’s it doing so close to her? Could it be creepier?

#12 The Pumpkin King

Maybe this is where Tim Burton got the idea for his Pumpkin King in A Nightmare Before Christmas; the similarities between this character in the photo and his is remarkable. I would have to think that Tim Burton took the look of the character of the Pumpkin King from this era. How else can the similarity be explained? Talk about a scary looking photo. In this picture, it looks like they are acting out a play for the theatre, or at least we hope they are. We don’t know what the creature is or what its intent is, but it’s creepy, for sure. The picture was taken in 1865, during a century where all kinds of creepy things were happening. One would have to wonder what kind of demented minds were running things back then. This is just one of many creepy images from that time that will leave you awake at night wondering, “WTF?!”


#13 Evelyn McHale

Many find the picture of Evelyn McHale to be poetic, even beautiful, as she laid there after jumping off of the Empire State Building — but I find it creepy. I’m shocked that her body looked so good after such a fall; it’s almost like she’s sleeping. You would think that her body would be destroyed. Evelyn left her fiancé and left a note behind before taking the jump that ended her life. “He is much better off without me … I wouldn’t make a good wife for anybody.” She jumped far enough that she ended up landing on a limousine that was parked on the street. The vehicle virtually imploded underneath her, and yet, you don’t even see any blood in the picture. She looks completely serene and at peace in the photo, which totally gives me the creeps.

#14 The Mickey Mouse Club Meeting

Ordinarily, there is nothing disturbing, creepy or terrifying about Mickey Mouse. This all changes when you look at this image, which is a meeting of the Mickey Mouse Club in a theatre in the 1930s. It sees hundreds of kids and adults all wearing his mask, with the photo being taken from up on the stage. The fact that it is a black and white image dating back so many years also makes it seem scarier, and it is strange how such a joyous moment can come across as eerie. A mask has the ability to do this, particularly in large groups, as it takes away the person’s individuality and instead replaces it with just one face, making everybody anonymous. This would look creepy with any kind of mask, but like clowns, it can be much scarier when it is supposed to be a friendly face.

#15 Say “Cheese”

It is expected for kids not to smile during school photographs, but these images look like something straight out of a horror film. The old school factor once again makes these particularly creepy images, and it is hard to imagine having school photos taken in a similar way today. Each student has a completely expressionless face with their hands down by their sides, but perhaps the creepiest element is the fact that they are all standing equal distances apart from one another. They look much more like a group of zombies coming towards you than a group of students, but it seems that in this time people did not pose for photos, as it was relatively new technology. Fortunately, these kids were most likely completely normal and not coming to devour your soul.


#16 The Madame Tussauds Blaze

Everything about this photo is disturbing. On first glance it may seem like a twisted and troubled group of individuals, but it is in fact a group of melted wax statues. The demonic figure in the left-hand corner, the strange group sat down, the man with no hands and the heads on the floor make for a troubling image, and all their expressions seem disturbing too. The photo dates back to 1925, when an enormous fire broke out at the famous Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in London. The fire ravaged the wax statues and left them looking more than worse for wear. The disturbing yet fascinating carnage it left led people to claim that it was the “most thrilling fire spectacle London witnessed in years,” and this troubling image is one that people are unlikely to forget once they have seen it.

#17 Not Alone in the Woods

On first glance this may seem like a photo of friends in the woods, but upon closer inspection you can see that there is a very faint figure of a person in the background on the right-hand side. The fog makes it difficult to see much, giving the image a creepy atmosphere, but it is clear that the figure is not a tree as you can see two legs (which also means that they were possibly looking straight at the camera). It is likely that the group of friends did not even realize this at the time, and it was not until they got home that they realized that they were not all alone in the woods. The woods are always spooky and make for an excellent setting for horror films, and images like this prove why, as what that shadowy figure was doing remains a complete mystery.

#18 Old School Halloween

Most adult Halloween costumes these days are hardly scary, and instead people see it as an opportunity to show some skin. This was not always the case, as there are many photos of Halloween costumes from back in the ’30s which are genuinely disturbing. These costumes were not bought from a party shop, but rather the type created at home using old clothes and bed sheets. So if you are struggling for costume ideas this year then why not go for a more old school approach? It would be quite the shock to open up your door and see a kid dressed up like this instead of as Elsa from Frozen, but somehow it seems unlikely that society will go back to these disturbing homemade costumes.


#19 Her Last Photo

This may seem like just a slightly odd picture of a young girl, but the horrible back-story makes it a genuinely disturbing image. The photo is of 14-year-old Regina Kay Walters, and it was the last photo ever taken of her. It was taken by serial killer Robert Ben Rhodes in an abandoned Illinois barn where she was killed. The troubling, tragic and terrifying image is likely to send a shudder down the spine of anyone who sees it, as everything about the image is disturbing, from her expression and body language, as well as the creepy setting in which it was taken. Sadly, Walters was not his only victim, but she was his last, as he was convicted of first degree murder in 1994 and sentenced to life without parole at Menard Correctional Center in Chester, Illinois.