Doctor Shares Insights On Why Sleeping With The Windows Closed Could Be Ruining Your Sleep

By Khadija Pervez in Health and Fitness On 13th November 2023

With daylight savings currently underway and the nights growing longer, darker, and colder, individuals are likely opting to keep their windows tightly shut during the night.

In contrast to summer, when you can relish the cool breeze while futilely trying to convince your sticky body to enter sleep mode, the current season prompts a different approach.


Now, the temperatures have dropped enough to create a cozy atmosphere under the duvet.

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Opening the window in the cold might seem unreasonable, especially when facing the task of getting up in pitch-black, freezing conditions.

According to a doctor, keeping the window closed at night could adversely affect the quality of your sleep.


It's important to consider various factors that impact sleep, such as the mattress and pillows, screen time before bedtime, or late-night eating.

However, having an open window could also play a role in ensuring you get sufficient rest.

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Dr. Eric Berg used TikTok to explain exactly why this is the case, and many readers may have already guessed the reason by now.

If your assumption was that closing the window leads to a reduction in oxygen and an increase in CO2 within the room, congratulations, you are absolutely correct.

Dr Berg explained: "You're in a room when the windows are not open and you're not getting enough oxygen, because maybe you don't also have enough plants in your room which give you oxygen, you may have a tendency to have more CO2 in that room."



Are you getting enough oxygen in your sleep space? Studies show that when you open up your windows or get more plants in your room, you can improve your sleep and increase growth hormone levels. Click the link in my bio to watch the full video and learn more! #SleepTips #DrBerg 😴

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"And just that alone can affect your sleep in a negative way.

This is why, when you open the window if you can, or you get a plant next to where you're sleeping, you can definitely sleep better just for the fact that you're increasing the oxygen and you're lowering the CO2."

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"So many people are spending all day in a room with a higher level of CO2 and not enough oxygen."

If the idea of opening the window during winter leaves you shivering despite being bundled up in four layers and beneath two blankets, don't worry.


There are other ways to decrease the CO2 levels in your room.

For instance, getting a plant to put into your room.

But if you're the type of person whose mere gaze seems to make plants wither, then unfortunately, opening the window might be your only recourse.