Doctors Are Shocked When A 8-Year-Old Boy Saves A Classmate By Performing A Complicated Medical Procedure On Her

Posted by Sama in Amazing On 28th February 2018

8-year-old Andrew Ramirez is hailed a hero in his School after the young boy helped save his classmate, who started choking on her candy. Ramirez quickly understanding the situation performed Heimlich maneuver on Annis. Ramirez's dad, an emergency room physician was stunned over his son's heroic act and proudly informed his son, who plans to become a doctor like him, that he just performed his first save, "I did let him know if he is to be an emergency doctor like he got his first save." While Ramirez on other hand talking about his heroic action says, "If she turned blue she would have to go to the hospital too so I didn't want that to happen."

#1 Annis Started Choking On Her Candy

A young boy from California is hailed a hero after the 8-year old saved a girl in his class who suddenly started choking. Makayla Annis, who attends St. Anthony’s School, recalling the incident says, she started choking on her gummy bear after she laughed too hard on a joke cracked by her seat mate, "My desk partner made me laugh too hard when I ate a gummy bear and then I kind of tried to swallow it and I started choking."


#2 Ramirez Perfomed A Complicated Medical Procedure On Her

Annis classmate and a good friend of her Andrew Ramirez was the first person to rush to her help when he saw his friend struggling to breathe. The surprising part of the story which has got the doctors even scratching their heads is Ramirez helped his friend by performing a rather complicated medical procedure on her. Ramirez says, "I saw Makayla choking, grabbing her neck and I quickly gave her the Heimlich maneuver."

#3 Ramirez Hailed As A Hero

Thanks to Ramirez's quick action that Annis was able to spit out the candy and breathe on time. Annis says, "Then I spit it out in the trash can." Ramirez's dad, a doctor by profession when came to pick up his son heard about his son's heroic act.

Not believing the tales, Community Regional Medical Center Dr Rene Ramirez thought everyone was exaggerating the story, "My daughter she's five. She's like, 'Andrew's a hero, Andrew's a hero.' I was like hold on, you know little kids kind of exaggerate and tell tall tales."


#4 Dr Ramirez Was Shocked When He Heard The Story

When confirmed, Dr. Ramirez was absolutely stunned over his son's heroic action and when inquired his son about it, the boy confidently told his father that it was him who told about this procedure, "Heimlich maneuver, that's a big word. Do you even know what the Heimlich maneuver is? " Replying to it, the son said, "Yeah, you taught me. If they're choking you get them right about here and you just push back like you're giving them a really big hug."

Ramirez plans on following his dad's footsteps and aims to become a doctor like his dad. "I would like to be a doctor very, very much."

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