Doctors Predict We Will Be Having Sex With Robots Within 10 Years.

By Muk Khatri in Science and Technology On 21st October 2015

#1 Relationship-free robot sex!

Huge sums of money are being poured into efforts to create robots that can satisfy human pleasure! And the prediction is that by 2025, it will even be a reality. Many believe that several people over the world will be very much willing to pay for a relationship-free robot $ex as soon as it becomes viable!

#2 Reality right now!

This news might have gotten your hopes high, but let's get back to present's reality! Here's Roxy, and this is what reality looks like! But she does have some interesting features! Roxy has a heartbeat, knows your name and also learns your likes and dislikes!

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#3 And if you're really into blondes.

This is what a certain Dr Pearson has to say: "It might feel very pleasant, and will be perfect for those who want to live their ultimate fantasy without strings and emotional commitments of real relationships. People will certainly fall in love with robots. What constitutes cheating will evolve too.


People may accept partners having sex with AI or virtual people and robots, or just pushing ‘O' for an orgasm, if they're doing the same."

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