Doctors Said He Had Just 18 Months To Live Until He Cured His Cancer With This Illegal Drug

By Editorial Staff in News On 18th September 2015

#1 David Hibbit from the UK diagnosed with cancer.

A father of one child, David was diagnosed with bowel cancer in the year 2012. Doctors immediately put him on an intensive chemotherapy followed by a surgery. When none of them worked doctors gave up and David was given 18 months to live.

#2 When one is free of all earthly bounds, it allows you to explore other alternative forms of treatment

Having nothing to lose, David then tried an alternative form of therapy which turned out to be a miraculous recovery. Recommended by his friends, David began to research about Cannabis Oil and the documented effects it has had on eliminating tumors and curing cancers.

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#3 I paid £50 for a gram.

Back in 2012, David was diagnosed with another growth of tumor around his lymph nodes. The doctors advised him chemotherapy and another operation. David finally decided to ditch all those treatments after he couldn't tolerate the pain any longer and dived in and treated himself with Cannabis oil.

#4 He was scanned and given the all clear.

Finally in January when he went for his regular scans. Doctors were surprised and gave him the all clear. Today he lives hale and hearty with his now wife and son.

Cancer Research UK is aware that cancer patients use cannabis oil to treat their tumors. The institute is also running clinical trials to gather more definitive data on its use.

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