Doctors Warn People About The Dangers Of "Glitter Tongue"

Posted by Sughra Hafeez in Fashion On 26th October 2017

We’ve had glitter boobs, bottoms and even glitter for your vagina but now beauty buffs have found a new place to sparkle up – their tongues. Still, glitter tongue comes with a doctors' warning.


Instagram is a place for photo ops and makeup experiments, which means that sometimes people post photos of looks you would not wear outside. A prime example of that is the new trend of putting glitter directly on your tongue. It's called Glitter Tongue, obviously.



The "trend" involves coating your tongue in glitter and snapping a photo - yep, you can't even put it back in your mouth.


And if you've ever done your makeup with glitter, you know you'll most likely find sparkles on your body for the next day or two - IT JUST DOESN'T GO AWAY!



Social media is awash with pictures of women – and some men – sporting the look which has become popular at festivals.

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