Does Divorce Run in the Family? New Studies Show Divorce May Be In Your Genes.

Posted by Muk Khatri in Facts and DIY On 18th October 2017

Some families seem to plagued by numerous failed marriages, while others seem destined to be poster-children for the perfect partnership generation after generation. What is the deciding factor? Is it really just a series of bad choices, or is it something more - like say, genetics?

#1 The Traditional Family

The traditional family: that of both parents happily married, under the same roof, and raising their children together has long been touted the "ideal" in family goals.


#2 The Factors

What determines whether or not a marriage will be successful? Is it just the level of commitment by both parties involved? Is it your background and how you were raised? Or is it something else?

#3 Environmental Factors

It has long been studied and believed that environmental factors in a person's childhood upbringing play a major role in shaping that person's mentality for future relations.


#4 Shaping Your Personality

Basically, it was said (not shockingly) that people learn how to treat future relations by the examples they saw in early years. In addition, the feelings they experienced with the parents made lasting impressions on related feelings later in life.

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