Does He Even Like You? This Dating Guru Shares What Guys Do When They’re Not Into You

By Annie N. in Relationships On 20th November 2023

This New York dating expert has some tough love to share and even though you might cry, you’ll be thankful for it. 
Sarah Lauren, who runs a relationship advice account on TikTok revealed to her followers, the things that men do when they just don’t like the woman they’re dating. 

“Here are the things guys do when they don’t like you, and by don’t like you I mean not trying to pursue you to be more than a fling, a hookup, or a situationship.”


Only texting on the weekends.

Ladies, if you’re only important on the weekends, he’s only interested in a FWB. If that’s not what you want, it might be time to hit that block button and move on.

“The weekend — that’s their fun time and the time they don’t have much going on. They could be looking for some fun, a little weekend plan, a little weekend fling [so they’ll text you].”

“It’s a booty call and girls, don’t answer the booty call.”

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If he claims he’s bad at texting.

In this day and age where we’re all glued to our phones literally all the time, a bad texter is like a mythical creature. Even if someone doesn’t use their phone much, someone into you will create the time to reach out to you.

“Any guy will find time to text you if they want to pursue you, and if they don’t, they will call you.”

Ultimately, it’s about matching expectations. If you’re dating someone who doesn't text much and you’re someone who likes texting, there might be incompatibility in the way you show intimacy.


You’ve never gone beyond the bedroom

If you’re limited to the bedroom then that means you don’t have access to the rest of his life and that’s the way he likes it.

“If all you see is his bedroom, that is the only place in his life he wants you to see.”

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He isn’t touchy

This is not referring to the booty call. This refers to affectionate touch, especially in public. If he isn’t  “going in for a hug, touching your leg or holding your hand,” then it may be time to move on.


He doesn’t share good news

If there are life events happening and you’re not hearing about them directly from the horse’s mouth then as painful as it may sound, you’re just not inner circle. If you hear about promotions or travel plans from somewhere else or on social media, it’s time to close this chapter.


Doesn’t like your social media

Ever have a crush on someone and you borderline stalk them online? Ever keep checking their socials to peek through that little window into their life? Well, it works the same way for them too. If they’re active on social media and never acknowledge your posts, then they just don’t have that excitement of wanting to engage with you.


He gets annoyed

This one. Whoo! We had to sit down and take a deep breath. If he gets easily annoyed by you, girl, it’s done. It’s over, pray over its grave and send it to hell.

“If you see that he’s getting frustrated by you a little too often, chances are he is just annoyed by you and he’s annoyed by your presence and he will never like you.”

“If they want to be with a girl, [seriously] they have to be with someone they can get along with because guys get frustrated very easily and if you’re frustrating him and that’s just your personality, he’s just not that into you.”


So what’s this deadly code word?

“Busy”. Consider this your red stop sign, your “Do not proceed”, your “Do not enter”. 

“If they use this codeword, they don’t care about you that much. If they say that they are ‘busy,’ they aren’t trying, they don’t even want to try. They just aren’t that into you and they’re just ‘busy’ so that they can avoid anything to do with you.”