Dog Saves 2 Day Old Kitten – They Become Friends For Life

By Editorial Staff in Feel Good On 18th October 2015

#1 Roscoe the kitten was just 2 days old when he was found stuck under a log by a dog who wouldn't leave him.

They were worried about the kitten due to the condition he was in, so took him to an animal clinic for an emergency vet visit. After getting help from the vet and a very needed bath, the tiny kitten finally turned around.

They named him Roscoe. This is his story.

#2 They took him in and gave him a second chance at life. At around 10 days, he began to open his eyes!

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#4 Lia cared for the kitten round the clock over many sleepless nights.

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#5 Roscoe enjoys some belly rubs.

#6 Kitty has made a lot of friends in the house.

#7 But his favorite is always Opie.

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#8 Best of friends.

#9 Roscoe 16 weeks old. Healthy, happy and very loved.

#10 Kitty all grown up with his best buddy!