Dogs Really Do Have The Ability To Brighten Up Even The Worst Days

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Funny On 12th June 2018

Dogs are God's greatest creatures. They have the awesome ability to make us smile even when we are at our worst. You can have a super crappy day, then see a dog or a photo of a dog, and it will instantly brighten your day. If you are feeling down, be sure to scroll through these super cute photos of dogs being silly. They will make you feel much better.


Birthday Girl

You have to remember that we call them fur "babies" for a reason. They are just like little kids and enjoy surprises and treats just like human babies do. This girl looks so surprised over her birthday cake.


Doggy Gate

The folks who own these dogs sure love them a lot. It is nice to see that they cater to their curious side while also keeping them safely inside their own yard.


GI Doggo

Pocket-sized dogs may be high maintenance, but they sure are a lot of fun as well. You can find all kinds of cute things that fit them, like baby doll clothes. This little guy's human found a perfect little ballistic vest that makes him look tough.

Fancy Feet

Did the song Legs by ZZ Top come into anyone else's head, or is it just me? We can definitely see why they call him fancy feet. He has legs for days.


I'm Melting

I wonder if her name is Elphaba, after the Wicked Witch of the West. She sure looks like she is melting, but there are no signs that anyone threw any water on her.

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