Don’t Miss This Heartwarming Video Of Dogs Greeting Their Army Owners After They Return Home

Posted by Editorial Staff in Nature and Travel On 2nd February 2017

When it comes to dogs, their loyalty just can’t be beat. Check out these absolutely heart-melting reunions between veterans and their four-legged companions.



For the families of veterans, nothing is better than seeing your loved ones coming home from deployment. And as for the dogs of veterans? Well, you’ll just have to see their amazing reactions to understand their joy.


#2 Here’s a few of our favorite highlights from this compilation.

Don’t you just love how this dog can’t even wait to be let out of the car to smother his best friend with kisses?

That’s some true love right there.


#3 Forget bear hugs – dog hugs are officially the best thing ever. And just look at that tail wagging!

#4 This one will definitely bring a tear to your eye – you can tell just by looking at this pup how much he missed her.

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