Dramatic Horse Hilariously Falls To The Ground And 'Plays Dead' If Anyone Tries To Ride Him

By maks in Animals On 12th February 2024

For Jingang, a horse with a unique personality, the line is drawn at carrying riders on his back.

Stubborn horses aren't anything new, but Jingang is in a league of his own.

The second anyone tries to ride him, he dramatically collapses to the ground, pretending to be dead in a display that's as funny as it is surprising.


For a good chuckle, there's a video making the rounds online of Jingang pulling his dead-man act.

It's not every day you get to see a horse that plays dead.

Credit: YouTube / SBS TV
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Usually, horse ranchers and their horses have a bond that's as perfect as peanut butter and jelly.

Training these beautiful animals can be tough, but they typically learn to obey commands after a while.


However, Jingang is a different story.

But this horse? He's so set on not being ridden that he's come up with a smart way to dodge it every time.

Jingang's method is pretty much like what you'd see from a fainting goat.

Credit: YouTube / SBS TV
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The moment he senses someone trying to ride him, he drops to the ground.

He's hoping they'll just decide to leave him alone.

In the popular video, you can see the ranchers trying to get Jingang to work, but he's not having any of it.

Credit: YouTube / SBS TV

Every time they try, it turns into a laugh-out-loud scene.

It's common for a horse to be a bit stubborn at first, but Jingang really goes the extra mile.


He refuses to even get into a training position.

He's mastered the art of "playing dead."

The moment someone approaches or attempts to ride him, down he goes, looking for all the world like he's just given up the ghost.

Credit: YouTube / SBS TV

But Jingang doesn’t stop there.

To sell his performance, he's got a whole bag of tricks.

He rolls his eyes back, sticks his tongue out, and twists his legs into all sorts of funny angles.


His act is so good, he deserves an Academy Award.

Sorry, Mr. Ed, but Jingang is stealing the spotlight as the new star-horse actor around here!

Credit: YouTube / SBS TV

From the outside looking in, Jingang's tricks are both utterly amusing and charming.


For the ranchers, however, the situation is a bit more exasperating.

One of the ranchers admits on camera, "It's cute but naughty."

Credit: YouTube / SBS TV

Interestingly, Jingang isn’t the only creature that employs the “play dead” strategy to achieve a goal.

The World Atlas website says a bunch of different animals use this clever tactic called "thanatosis" for various reasons.

Some do it to avoid predators, while others use it as a way to catch their dinner.

Apart from opossums, you've got certain frogs, snakes, fish, and even sharks that play dead.

National Geographic points out that other farm animals like cows and pigs can go into a "trance-like state."

Credit: YouTube / SBS TV

Since Jingang's comedic video hit social media, it's been watched millions of times, bringing laughter and joy to viewers all over.


Get ready to see his hilarious acting skills in the video below!

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