Dramatic Photos Of Emos Who Have Given Up Their Dark Lifestyles

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Fashion On 16th August 2017

Many of us have gone through major transformations throughout our lifetime especially from our teenage selves. This particular collection of images are thanks to a Reddit thread asking people to show their then and now pics from their rebellious teenage times of being Emo. The results are insane and shocking.



This guy went from Emo to family man.



Most of us tried out different looks as we were growing up while trying to figure out who we are.



This guy went from Emo to military man. If you ran in to him now, you would never have guessed his dark past.



This guy went from rebel without a cause to an even coordinator. We think he can pull off both looks.



Remember Pierre Bouvier from Simple Plan. He doesn't look that different except for the hair.



This guy is all smiles now that he has found the woman of his dreams.



"Then I was studying to become a designer listening to Brand New, Death Cab and Blink. Now I'm a designer listening to Brand New, Death Cab and Blink and having my first kid in a week," wrote Okkido.



This gal is a special education teacher now and says that she teaches her kids to not do things like she did when she was younger.



Don't be alarmed. The pic on the right is him in costume. He is not a lumber jack. He works for Home Depot.


We have another emo singer blast from the past with Taking Back Sunday's Adam Lazzara. It does not seem that he has changed that much, but he has definitely found his own style as a true artist.



What an incredible transformation. This guy traded in his long locks for a career as a fire fighter.


This guy traded in his Emo ways to become a police officer. We salute you, sir. It makes us wonder if we could look at a police officer the same way now. I know I might start wondering if he was Emo as a teen.



This man traded in his black hair and solemn ways to raise a beautiful daughter who may or may not ever know her Daddy used to look this way.


While not as Emo as some of the rest, the pictures do show a drastic change. He looks much happier now.



Davey Havok from AFI has truly updated his style in the best way possible. What do you think? Old Davey or new Davey?


This guy traded in his Emo look for a career in the military though he does admit to still listening to "screamo" music from time to time.



This gal was pretty then, but she is absolutely stunning now. She says she still feels Emo on the inside, but is happier now with her new look.


"I was super scene/emo as a teenager but I guess being so into customizing my MySpace profile got me into coding, now a full time web developer and mom to a 4-year-old."



Here is another who transformed from their Emo look but still admits to listening to her old favorite albums.


This famous guitarist from Hawthorne Heights traded in his Emo look for a Hipster look.



This married mom traded in her Emo look to be a family woman and manager of a local convenience store. We can hardly recognize her as the same person in both pics.


This gal calls herself a "proper grown up" and works as a trainer in a bank. We love the new her.



Here is another who did not quite pull off a convincing Emo look that is now rocking the Hipster look.


This gal does not look much different from her before picture with the exception of her losing the blue bangs in her hair.



Quin Allman from The Used traded in his blonde mop to a more subdued style.


Tyson Ritter from The All-American Rejects just did a bit of a change with his hair. I don't know about the rest of you, but I prefer the old Tyson over the new.



And lastly, Hayley Williams from Paramore looks great with her short stylish red-ish pink hair.