Drunk Driver, 22, Moved His Unconscious Friend Into The Front Seat And Framed Her For The Car Crash That Left Teen Dead

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22-year-old Kanad Basi turned out to be a 'TWISTED MONSTER' when he framed his own friend for a horrible car crash that left a teenage boy dead. Kanad was drunk and also had taken cocaine and ecstasy which resulted in him losing control of his 1 Series BMW. The car ended up hitting a tree and killing a 16-year-old boy Jack. The drunk driver dragged his unconscious injured friend Ellie from the back into the front seat and framed her for the car crash and killing of the teen.


#1 22-year-old driver, who was high on drugs, moved an unconscious girl on the front seat to frame her for the fatal car crash

Kanad Basi, 22, dragged unconscious Ellie Plenderleith, 20, onto the front seat and blamed her for the horrible car accident that resulted in 16-year-old Jack Frame's death. 


#2 Kanad turned out to be a twisted monster who didn't feel guilty of his crime and enjoyed freedom for 19 months

When Kanad's BMW lost control and hit a tree, he leaped in the back and dragged Ellie into the front to fool the police into believing that she was behind the wheel. He roamed free for 19 months while poor Ellie was treated like a criminal.

When Basi admitted his guilt at the High Court in Glasgow, Ellie, represented by lawyers Digby Brown, said: “I am glad people now know the truth and that twisted toxic monster will hopefully be locked up where he belongs."



#3 Kanad, who was Ellie's friend, spread false version of events

“Because he wasn’t charged for a long time he was able to spread his own false version of events."

"People blamed me for the accident. I got loads of abuse and it made it difficult for me to go to Jack’s funeral."

"It makes me sick to think Kanad was my friend.”



#4 At first, Kanad told the cops he was driving. Later, he changed the statement

Basi Kanad's reckless driving killed an innocent 16-year-old boy Jack. He was drunk twice the drink-drive limit and also had taken cocaine and ecstasy which resulted in him losing control of his 1 Series BMW near Lesmahagow, in the county of Lanarkshire.

When he called 911, he told the cops he was driving but later changed the statement saying he “couldn’t remember” if he was at the wheel.

#5 The accident ended up seriously injuring Ellie and killing Jack

Ellie, who was falsely blamed, was seriously injured in the accident. She suffered a broken arm and ribs, fractured chest bone, a lacerated liver, and a punctured lung, and needed her right finger amputated.

The boy Jack suffered from head injuries and died on the spot. 

Ellie added: “Jack and Aiden’s families I think always suspected something was wrong with Kanad’s version. They have always been supportive and kind to me.”