Dubai Millionaire's Wife Under Fire For Saying Women Should Never Date 'Broke' Men

By Zainab Pervez in Life Style Published On 19th August 2023

Sofia Kralow, known for sharing her ‘millionaire wife’ life on social media, took to TikTok to provide her 117,000 followers insight into her lavish everyday activities.

In a recent TikTok video, the woman provided a caption where she was observed traveling in a helicopter and luxury cars, experimenting with designer bags, and making purchases using a card. The caption read, "Your daily reminder to never date broke men,"

Credit: sofiakralow/Instagram

Kralow has previously offered her followers dating guidance and a glimpse into her lavish everyday routine. Using the videos she has shared on her account, she has advised women to "choose a successful [man]," "not lower your standards," and "go where rich people are and marry for love."

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While we don't object to women receiving special treatment, the video strongly suggests that women should avoid dating anyone whose bank account holds less than six figures.

Understandably, this hasn’t gone down too well on TikTok.

The viral video has been seen by over 1.3 million people on the app, with many venting their frustration over the sentiment in the comments.

@sofiakralow raise your standarts👸🏼 IG: @sofiakralow #foryou #princesstreatment #goals #claim #millionaire ♬ and my man thank you to my man latto casa di remix - CasaDi


Reaction to her videos varied, with some calling her a "shallow" woman, while some approving of what she said.

One user pointedly wrote: ‘"So we’re going back 100 years to being dependent on a man’s salary again? Great message."

“Women like you are so shallow, always only thinking about material objects,” another said.

Another was equally infuriated, writing: "Like it's so easy to do that.”

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Credit: sofiakralow/Instagram

And a third commented: "If I love him I don’t care if he’s rich or broke."

Meanwhile, others argued that it was better to not be dependent on your partner’s finances.

"I thank myself for all I got. No need to have a man take care of me,” a fourth brutally commented.

In response to the backlash, Kralow uploaded another video discussing the idea of dependency on a partner.

“Where is the connection between never dating a broke man and being dependent on a rich man or any man?” she asked in a follow-up clip.

“If you’re dating a rich man, you can also be rich by yourself.”

Credit: sofiakralow/Instagram

The glamorous TikToker also revealed she was in a happy relationship with her husband and that the two were “always holding hands” and “traveling around the world” together.

“People make assumptions about us based on their perspective of the world, but we’re very happy,” she said.

Many TikTok users in the comments criticized Sofia’s message and judged the social media star for her way of thinking.

But there were others who were on the TikToker’s side.

“I’m tired of working, I wouldn’t mind a man who can provide for me,” one commented.

Credit: sofiakralow/Instagram

“We are independent but we need this,” another agreed.

“Girl I don’t even need a reminder, I just need PRAYER,” someone else said.

In response to the comments from trolls, Sofia later stated: “Love my haters.”