During Lockdown, Dad Creates An Amazing Toy Story Themed Bedroom For His 2-Year Old Son

By Samantha in Facts and DIY On 15th April 2020

#1 A hobby to divert our attention from current ongoing crises

Going through quarantine and lockdown and the world facing severe crises, all these things have taken a serious toll on our mental health and almost everyone is struggling to cope with their mental wellbeing. That being said, any kind of hobby to divert our attention is considered a blessing during these times.

#2 Embracing his creative side during quarantine

Here is 26-year old, Barber James Harding from Bamber Bridge in Lancashire, who decided to embrace his creativity during the lockdown and the man transformed his two-year-old son's room into an adorable Toy story themed bedroom.

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#3 James always wanted to change his son's room but was always short on time

Barber by professional, James was always struggling with time to give his son's room a makeover. Now that he is free these days, the man decided to embrace his creative side and changes his baby's room from scratch.

#4 The man sketched the iconic characters completely freehand

Putting his paintbrushes to good use, the man sketched the iconic characters Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Rex, Bullseye, Forky and Mr. Potato Head, all completely freehand.

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#5 Enjoyed every moment of it

James said: 'Elliott absolutely loves Toy Story so while I have all the time in the world at the minute, I decided to just give myself a little project!

'I have no experience in art, I enjoyed it in school and did well although that was a while back now! I've picked up a pencil every now and then but nothing major.'

#6 Both the father-son duo loves Toy Story

'I've wanted to do something in his room for a while but always been busy with work so it's been nice to spend time at home with the little one and do something like that.

'I loved Toy Story when I was younger and now Elliott loves Toy Story too and I just wanted him to have a dream bedroom really.

'First, I found a few images online of the characters and drew the outlines of the characters' bodies and lettering on with pencil.'

#7 All the effort was worth the struggle

'I then went over the characters with a black sharpie.

'Next, the lettering at the top was painted and then the sky was painted, leaving the white parts for the clouds

'Finally, I painted the characters on the wall and finished off with outlining the characters again to make sure they stood out.'

#8 Elliot loves everything bout his new room

'I'm happy with the result. I had an idea of how I wanted it to look but executing it took longer than I thought!

'Elliott loves the wall! He points the characters out every time he goes into his room now.

'Only downside is that it's become a distraction for him at night time - he likes to have lengthy conversations with them now before he sleeps!'