Earth's Magnetic Field Could Be About To Flip Upside Down

Posted by Sughra Hafeez in Science and Technology On 7th February 2018

A rolling layer of liquid iron lies beneath the Earth's core.

It is kept molten by heat escaping from the planet's core. Swirling currents of this mass act as a gigantic electromagnet, creating a force field that stretches for miles and acts as an energy shield protecting from the sun's powerful radiation.

All things living on our planet depends on this protection.


'This indicates a transient weakening of Earth’s magnetic shield,' the scientists warned in the authoritative journal, Physical Review Letters.

'Future superstorms could cripple modern technological infrastructure on Earth and endanger the lives of the astronauts in space.' The delicate fabric of our global civilisation could be torn asunder by the onslaught, leaving us without phones, computers, transport, heating or food.

Even flushing the toilet could become impossible, according to the article.

If power grids and phone networks were really disabled, the result would be chaos and a crippling of the modern economy.


Some estimates suggest that during the polar flip, our overall exposure to cosmic radiation would double.

As a result, researchers predict that 100,000 people could die every year from diseases such as cancer.

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