EasyJet Passenger Filmed Destroying Own Luggage To Meet Airline Requirements

By Abdul Rafay in Travel On 24th August 2023
Credit: Kennedy

Anyone who has traveled on one of the budget airlines is familiar with the severe limitations on luggage size.

There are numerous videos online of passengers going to great lengths to ensure they may bring their hand luggage on board and avoid paying to store it in the hold.

One passenger, however, went over and beyond when his bag did not fit into the box.

When your bag doesn't fit, what would you do? Of course, you would try again, possibly altering the angle and applying a little more force.

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Credit: Kennedy

However, you would eventually have to accept defeat and pay the holding fee if it became evident that no matter how many odd angles you attempted or how hard you pushed, it would never fit.

But no, not this man.


This man made the decision to just tear chunks off of his bag till it fits into the box and could be carried into the cabin rather than pay for the hold. Right, there is commitment.

A determined passenger can be seen on film pulling the handle-equipped portion of the bag off in order to move it along. 

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The bag's body was tiny enough to fit, but since this component was in the way, it had to be removed.

The entire affair was captured on tape by Kimberly Standen, 29.

Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, East Anglian resident Kimberly said: "I don't think there had been any confrontation before this point [with him and an EasyJet representative].”

"We were in the queue to board and I assume he hadn't paid for a large cabin bag so the bag needed to fit under his seat [as it was the free option].”


"He was bashing the bag on the floor trying to snap off the wheels.”

"I only managed to film the end of it but before this, he had been kicking it, throwing it about, smashing the wheels on the floor, and because airports have stone floors the noise just echoes.”

"He did this for at least 10 or 15 minutes.”

"Everyone was really pleased that he managed to get the bag in [the small cabin measurer].”

"Some people cheered and a lot of people were laughing and were flabbergasted at what they witnessed."

The main query, though, is whether paying the check-in charge would actually cost more than purchasing a new bag. Perhaps it was just the idea behind the item.


An easyJet spokesperson said: "Customers' cabin bags must be within the maximum dimensions to safely and securely fit where they need to be stowed in the cabin.”

"We clearly inform customers of maximum cabin bag dimensions when booking, via email before they travel and it is also clearly displayed on boarding passes."