Ed Sheeran’s Security Guard Has Stolen The Show With His Hilarious Instagram Posts

Posted by Sumaiya Ghani in Entertainment On 17th April 2018

Ed Sheeran has a body guard named kev who recently started using Instagram. He has become the latest Instagram sensation because of his hilarious posts and fans have declared his page is even better than the singer's himself.


#1 Ed Sheeran got a security guard in 2015.

Ed Sheeran got a security guard back in 2015 but we all got to know about him on 7th April through his first post on Instagram. His posts with funny captions are really grabbing the fans' attention and now he is the new sensational overnight celebrity himself. He has already gotten almost 270,000 followers and it hasn't even been a month since he started using Instagram. Seeing the speed of his following, it can easily be said that he is soon going to get millions of followers. His posts are worth all these followings, you should see some of the posts and decide for yourself who is the real legend or may say daddy here.


#2 Ed's security guard is the new hero in town.

Meet our new favorite celebrity Kev, who is keeping the famous singer save since 2015.


#3 Celebrating his name with Ed.

He has decided to document his everyday work life and share it with his brand new fans.

#4 Look at their evil smiles.

Not only the pictures but the hilarious captions are also the reason behind this huge amount of followers.


#5 Kev's future is going to be so bright, we can already see it.

From his pictures, it can easily be seen the strong connection he shares with his boss.

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