Elle Brooke Reveals She Was Caught 'Bonking In Harry Potter Costume' By Neighbour

By maks in Entertainment On 11th February 2024

In a candid conversation with Casey Boonstra, Elle revealed a moment that perfectly blends her professional life with her personal passions.

During the interview, Elle Brooke confessed to an incident that could only happen to someone with her unique blend of interests. 


She was in the midst of filming a Harry Potter-themed adult parody, embodying the character of Hermione, when a neighbor happened upon the scene. 

This unexpected audience added a layer of real-life comedy to their fictional escapades.

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"I love Harry Potter. I'm a self-proclaimed Gryffindor. I'm a main character."

"This is funny because this is where my Harry Potter love comes from."

Elle is a BIG fan of Harry Potter Credit: OFTV

"I was shooting a video of Harry Potter, dressed up as Hermione, and we were obviously doing a sex scene and we got caught by a neighbour," Elle shared during her appearance on OFTV's In Real Life series.


She humorously added: "It's somewhere on the internet. It was like ages ago, it was a really long time ago," hinting at the longevity of her career and perhaps the early days of her blending pop culture fandom with adult entertainment.

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But the revelations didn't stop there. 

Elle Brooke also took to sharing more personal preferences and fantasies with her audience. 

Elle revealed the hilarious story on OFTV's In Real Life series Credit: OFTV

In a separate segment, she discussed her ideal threesome scenario, drawing from the list of contacts in her phone. 


Despite acknowledging a relatively short list of contacts, Elle didn't hesitate to name her top picks for a dream collaboration within her industry.

"That would have to be Ricky Johnson and J Mac. That would be the ultimate trio. I think you know why." she explained, leaving little to the imagination about why she chose these particular stars for her fantasy scenario.

Elle later claimed she would be "more destroyed" than a "shark eating its feed".

Elle's candid nature and willingness to share such personal details about her fantasies and on-set experiences offer a glimpse into the life of someone who navigates the intersections of mainstream pop culture and adult entertainment. 


Her story about being caught by a neighbor while filming a Harry Potter parody is just one example of the unique, sometimes awkward, situations she finds herself in due to her profession.

She said: 'We were obviously doing a sex scene and we got caught by a neighbour.' Credit: Instagram / @thedumbledong

Moreover, Elle's adventurous spirit was on full display as she shared a video of herself trying on bikinis aboard a private yacht in Dubai, further showcasing her lifestyle and the glamorous, albeit unconventional, moments that come with it. 


She even humorously claimed that after her dream threesome, she would be "more destroyed" than a "shark eating its feed," using vivid imagery to convey her anticipation and excitement for such an encounter.