Elon Musk Says Describing Somebody As Cisgender Is 'Heterophobic'

By maks in News On 12th January 2024

Elon Musk, the tech mogul known for stirring up controversy, has recently voiced his opinion on the use of the term "cisgender," calling it "heterophobic." 

Musk, is no stranger to controversial topics, if anything he openly welcomes it as he claims to be a champion of free speech.


He spends much of his time on X, previously known as Twitter.

In 2022, Musk made headlines with his monumental $44 billion acquisition of Twitter. 

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Since then, the platform has undergone noticeable changes, including a paid service option for users seeking a verified blue check mark.

With complete control over Twitter, Musk actively engages in and sometimes initiates debates through his tweets. 


His recent, somewhat unprovoked statement, "Cis is a heterophobic word. Shame on anyone who uses it," is one such instance.

This isn't Musk's first time in this territory. 

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In June, he controversially labeled "cis" and "cisgender" as hate speech. 

The term "cisgender" itself, as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary, refers to individuals whose gender identity matches their sex assigned at birth, contrasting with "transgender," which applies to those whose gender identity differs from their assigned sex.

Musk's takeover of Twitter led to significant backlash, especially concerning the removal of protections for transgender users. 

As reported by Forbes, this controversial decision by Musk included abolishing rules against misgendering and deadnaming, established in 2018. 

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This action was strongly criticized by GLAAD, a leading LGBT activist group, which pointed out that Twitter's move put it at odds with other social media platforms like TikTok, Pinterest, and Meta, all of which have maintained protective measures for transgender individuals.

“This decision to roll back LGBTQ safety pulls Twitter even more out of step with TikTok, Pinterest, and Meta, which all maintain similar policies to protect their transgender users at a time when anti-transgender rhetoric online is leading to real-world discrimination and violence,” stated GLAAD President Sarah Kate Ellis in a published statement last year.


The reactions to Musk's outburst about "cisgender" were mixed: while some of his followers agreed, others suggested he was misguided.

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In another instance of Musk's inclination to controversies, he recently criticized individuals opting not to have children, branding them as having "awful morality."


This was in response to a TikTok trend where people, like Lilly Anne and her husband Evan, identify with specific groups, in their case, "DINKs" (dual-income no kids). 

Musk condemned this choice on X: "There is an awful morality to those who deliberately have no kids: they are effectively demanding that other people’s kids take care of them in their old age. That’s messed up."