Engineer Poisons His Girlfriend And Her Daughter Eventually Causing Their Deaths!

By Editorial Staff in News On 7th October 2015

#1 Matthew Eteson poisoned his partner and her daughter while they were on a boat trip.

A gas engineer by profession Matthew installed a make shift generator in the boat. It ran on petrol.

#2 As Matthew and his girlfriend, Kelly Webster and daughter, Lauren Thornton took a nap in the cabin of the boat things got out of hand.

The generator wasn't fixed properly. Within ten minutes, Kelly and her daughter died after an overdose of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Matthew apparently was asleep in another cabin which was away from the generator.

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#3 Police investigation later found that Matthew had disabled the carbon monoxide detectors as well.

Pleading not guilty in court, Matthew said the detectors were disabled since Kelly would often remove them when she was cooking.

The court later charged Matthew a certified gas engineer with manslaughter and gross negligence.