Enter The Meme Stream And Laugh The Pain Away

Posted by Michael Avery in Funny On 20th June 2018

#5 Netflix ftw

Netflix is the real MVP for people who are struggling with life. If you're stressing yourself out there is no better way to calm down than to binge watch your favorite series over and over again.


#6 Good question.

Life isn't all that enjoyable most of the time but it is damn sure expensive. It's totally not fair in the least bit.


#7 Which mode are you in most of the time?

Most people are either on the go constantly or trying to be as laid back and relaxed as possible. Me personally I love sleeping but I also believe that there is plenty of time for sleep when you're dead.

#8 Well this sucks.

It really does suck when your favorite person to talk to goes to sleep before you. Now you're stuck awake with nothing to occupy your time but your own brain. That's no fun at all.

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