Entitled Choosing Beggars That Have No Shame

By Annie N. in Social Issues On 5th November 2023

Give me your car for free. I will also stink it up with cigarette smoke. My own parents don't even trust me.

Why buy tickets when you can emotionally blackmail your friends for some?

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Pay my rent because my talents are too important.

Buy every meal for my family but no negativity, please.

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It's always something in their heart.

Asks for the most expensive rocking chair on the market when in need.

Wants PS5 for $400 or less. With the way scalpers are going, my grandchildren will be the ones buying it, and definitely not for $400.

Did they say year?

This old guy decided he wanted to leave the world with a bang but everyone else has to fund it.

Just ask for money at this point.

She really asked people to furnish her whole place based on her specifications.

I want a fridge. No, not that one.

Needs a ride but won't pay for parking. Poor commenter didn't even ask for gas money.

Someone did the math that OP was hoping no one would do.

This man wants Uber Eats but for free.

This one needs a reality check fast.

Ground beef emergencies are usually dealt with on the federal level. Surprised we never got a notification about that.

Ask and you shall receive? or get banned maybe.

Seller coming on a little too strong.

Single papa needs to set sights just a little bit lower.