Ex-Hooter Girls Reveal The Bizarre Secrets Behind This Beloved Sexy Restaurant Chain

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Facts and DIY On 17th November 2017

Hooters is a very popular place to eat in America. Whether you are a single man or just want some really great wings at a low price, Hooters is a staple in most major cities. Whether you love the food, the atmosphere, or the drink, most of us have been there for one reason or another. But, have you ever wondered what it is life for the women who work there? Hooters girls all seem to have a certain reputation, but have you ever asked yourself what you think the requirements are to become an iconic Hooter girl? Well, we got the low down, and it is pretty darn dirty.


Personality Over Experience

No matter how many years of server experience that you have, Hooters will always hire whoever has the best personality. They say customers come to connect with the employees, not with the service.


We’re Not “Servers”

It is no secret that all of the Hooter's waitresses are super good looking. Since they do not hire the women as servers, but as entertainers, they are able to only hire the women they feel look right for the job.


Big “Hooters” Required?

I bet you thought that having big hooters was a requirement to work here. That is just a rumor. There is no bra size requirement in order to get hired. They hire girls of all bra sizes. Size A cup and higher... makes no difference to them.


The Bigger The Better

Just because the size of your hooters does not mean you won't get hired doesn't mean that small breasted women will make as much as their larger busted counterparts. Even though all sizes are welcomed, the women with the bigger breasts will admit that they receive much larger tips. Many of the smaller breasted women will pad their bras to keep the tips coming in.

Drawing The Famous Owl (In Ketchup)

As part of their Hooters training, all of the women are required to learn how to draw the Hooters owl in ketchup.


The Dress Code

We are all familiar with the iconic orange short shorts and white tank tops we see Hooters' servers wearing. It is part of their very strict dress code just like their sneakers and socks which have to be worn a certain way. The scrunched socks are a requirement because they make the legs look leaner when worn properly.


Pantyhose Problems

Hooters girls are also required to wear pantyhose which the chain does not supply for them. They must be in the color "suntan" and may not wear any other shade under any circumstances. They also are only allowed to wear their hair down. Ponytails are not allowed.


Fancy Playing Dress Up?

Just when you thought we might be done with their dress code, we also found out that Hooters girls have to wear makeup on every single shift which includes mascara and lipstick. Their website even details how the makeup should appear natural in order to accentuate their features.

Also, on Fridays, the girls are allowed to wear black, and once a month they have a special costume day. The girls have to supply their own costumes and they have to match whatever the theme is for that night.


Swapping Tops

One cool thing they do is swap tops. Let's say a Chicago Hooters girl goes to Boston. She may swap tops with one of the servers. So, if you go to your local Hooters and she is wearing a top with another city on it, that means she visited there and swapped her top.


Harsh Uniform Policy?

In areas where it can get unseasonably cold, the girls are able to wear long sleeves. The weirdest thing of all is that Hooters girls cannot have any part of their uniform showing. If they are caught outside of work with their uniform showing, they can be fired on the spot.

This is considered a safety precaution.


Secret Saleswoman

The girls are not simply trained to just serve food and drink. They are also trained in sales, and if they are really good at their job, they get certain perks in exchange. If one girl is really successful at selling merch, she is rewarded with better shifts when she can make more money.

Courtesy With Couples

Hooters girls prefer college aged guys over 40+ drunks who frequent the establishment. When single men come in, they get showered with attention from the girls. However, when a couple comes in, there are certain rules in place. They are not to show the man too much attention or appear threatening. One of their best tactics is to sit next to the woman instead of the man while interacting with their table.


No Hugs At Hooters

The women really get weary when the middle-aged drunks show up thinking they can put their hands where ever they want to on them. Hugs are absolutely forbidden between the girls and customers.

Bored Means Board Games

If you are a Hooters girl, there is never a dull moment at work. It is not uncommon to see the girls playing board games with customers. Hungry Hungry Hippo is an all-time favorite.

Dance The Night Away

Dancing is just one of the many ways that the employees entertain their customers during the slower times of the day. This is not a case of boredom where you might see a girl spontaneously hop on a bar and do a dance. No, these dances are fully choreographed in advance during their extensive training. If a certain song starts playing during their shift, the girls have to stop what they are doing and do their dance.


“Hooters Virgin”

All Hooters girl, whether they can sing or not, are required to sing specific songs or chants for different situations. If the girls find out from one of your friends that this is your first time in Hooters, be prepared for a bit of embarrassment. The girls will sing and dance while pointing at you making you feel stupid and embarrassed. The song is sung like the Hokey Pokey, so be prepared.

No Cell Phones!

Cell phones on the floor are strictly banned. Since all girls are required to wear a fanny pack to hold their menu pads and pens, if a manager suspects that you have your phone stashed in there, they will take the fanny pack and smash it against the wall in order to break whatever is in there.

Free Meal (But Only If It’s “Healthy”)

Employees are allowed to enjoy a free meal while on break, but it has to be off of the healthy part of the menu. If they want to eat anything else, they have to pay for it and only get a small discount. Fries are full price no matter what. They really want their girls healthy.


Employee “Perks”

In order to maintain a certain body look, some restaurants offer their employees discounts for tanning and gym memberships. Yes, that may sound great, but what if you’re not into that sort of thing? One of the girls we spoke to said this actually knocked her confidence throughout her employment. Hooters may say that they don’t require their employees to look a certain way, but they’ll do anything they can to try.

“Hi! Welcome To Hooters!”

It is company policy for the girls to shout, "Hi! Welcome to Hooter!" when people walk in. If you do not hear it, then they are not doing their jobs properly. The girls do admit that, as their shift progresses, they do lose the stamina to sound so happy and perky every time someone walks through the doors.

How Much Do Hooters Girls Earn?

Hooters girls do not make any more than any other server anywhere else. They all get minimum wage and bust their tails for their tips.


Wives Hate Them

Hooters does not pride itself on great food. They pride themselves on beautiful women and fun atmosphere. The restaurant still gets a ton of families and couples who frequent the restaurant...not all are happy to be there. These are the kinds of customers that Hooters girls are the least fond of. Some women, even though the girls know to not be flirtatious when couples come in, tend to still be quite hostile to their servers.

Hooters Girls Don’t Date Customers

Besides Playboy Playmates, Hooters girls are some of the most desired in America. They receive numbers and requests for their numbers throughout their shifts on a daily basis. However, there is a strict no dating policy in place. Your phone number will end up in the trash by the end of her shift.

Friends For Life

There is no doubt that there would be some camaraderie among these women. Whether facing a bad break up or just having a bad day, these girls will be there for each other no matter what.


Customers Ask For Advice

Just like a bartender, there is a good chance that some will pour their hearts out to their Hooters girl especially since you are in a place where the servers are encouraged to talk to you. Cheaper than therapy, right?

The Biggest Tips Make It Worth It

While these girls are mostly being paid for their good looks and charm, they sure love counting up those tips at night. While most still tip the normal 15-20%, others will go above and beyond in their tipping which makes the job truly worth it.

There are girls who have even been gifted cars or been totally spoiled for their birthday from customers. Those are their best days.