Ex-McDonald’s Chef Reveals What Not To Order At The Fast Food Chain

By Haider Ali in Food On 10th July 2024

Although there is a lot to love about McLove at McDonald's, a former chef has revealed what patrons should never purchase.

You will be well aware of the enormous popularity of the fast food giant McDonald's, unless you have been living under or on a very remote rock.

Everybody has their favorite order, whether it's for a celebratory meal or a cheeky hangover snack.

Because of its popularity, learning about the restaurant's inner workings is always intriguing. 

Mike Haracz has revealed what he would and wouldn’t recommend when it comes to ordering at McDonald's. Jam Press/@chefmikeharacz

This is where Mike Haracz comes in.

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Haracz was the head of culinary innovation for the US menu for four years and previously worked as a chef at McDonald's.

As a result, many people are interested in learning what he thinks when he uses social media.

Previously, Haracz disproved rumors about the fast food business and offered answers for why McDonald's ketchup tastes so different.

He has most recently advised his supporters on what to order and what not to order.

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He claims that instead of ordering the classic folded bagel breakfast sandwich, he would choose to have a scrambled or round egg instead.

And according to Haracz, timing is crucial.

He explained: “I feel like the folded egg used on their breakfast sandwiches tends to be dry and lack flavor."

“And the new bun is not as good as it used to be, so I would recommend asking for it steamed for a better burger experience."

Haracz has lifted the lid on the fast food chain's 'secrets'. Jam Press/@chefmikeharacz

But Haracz made it clear that his recommendations were based on "personal taste preference."

He said: “The best option is the quarter pounder with cheese, but you need to eat it within a few minutes of being served to know the difference."

“The US has switched to cooking fresh beef to order for quarter pounders."

“If you wait too long to eat it, all of the quality improvements are lost and it tastes the way that it used to.”

He claims that there's nothing worse than a lukewarm McDonald's burger, and I'd have to agree.

Haracz's extensive experience in sensory and quality testing at McDonald's equips him with valuable knowledge for enjoying your McMeal to its fullest.

His expertise ensures informed choices when selecting menu items for optimal taste and satisfaction.