Expert Says Air Fryers Might Not Be As Good As Ovens For Cooking

By Editorial Staff in Food On 24th June 2024

Air fryers are super popular these days, almost like they're becoming people's new best friend instead of dogs! 

But even though they seem amazing, they might not save you as much money as you think. 

For some people, air fryers are a big deal. 

They talk a lot about how easy and useful these gadgets are.

Air Fryers are hailed as one of the most cost-effective ways to cook. Getty Stock / Rafa Jodar

You can find special cookbooks just for air fryers, birthday cards with air fryers on them, and even aprons with your name and an air fryer design.

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People like air fryers because they're easy to use and are said to be healthier. 

They help you cook with less oil, making meals that are crispy but not greasy. 

This health benefit is a big reason why many families love them.

They are also believed to save money. 

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According to CNET, air fryers are "50 percent more energy-efficient than the average full-size electric oven and about 35 percent more efficient than the average gas oven." 

But is that true all the time? 

As of 2023, nearly two-thirds of US households had an Air Fryer. Getty Stock

British money-saving expert Martin Lewis doesn't think so.

On his podcast, Martin Lewis said: "A microwave gives you consistent heat whereas an oven is warming up to full temperature and then topping it up so it isn't running at full power the whole time." 

He also mentioned: "If you were doing a full roast dinner and you were cooking many [jacket potatoes], it's probably cheaper [putting them in the oven] than putting five or six jacket potatoes in a microwave.

"As each additional object you put in a microwave, you need to keep it on longer because a microwave just heats the individual object."

But don't worry! There are ways to make your air fryer more cost-effective. 

GreenMatch, a renewable energy company, has five tips for you. 

First, fill up the air fryer chamber as much as you can because this will "effectively trap the hot air." 

Getty Images

Second, "opt for an air fryer with various cooking programs." 

This helps you save time and makes sure your food cooks at the right temperature without you having to adjust it.

Also, clean your air fryer filter regularly because "a clogged air filter can make it difficult for the hot air to circulate."

GreenMatch also suggests cooking multiple items at once if you have enough room. 

Lastly, they say, "The bigger the air fryer, the more energy it needs to achieve the same effect. 

"If your household has two people, choose a lower-wattage fryer to reduce your appliance's energy consumption."

So, enjoy using your air fryer and happy cooking, everyone!