Facts About Famous People That You Probably Never Knew.

Posted by Michael Avery in Facts and DIY On 31st January 2018

People lead long and interesting lives so it comes as no surprise that they might have taken a completely different path to get where they are than you might expect. Some might have had to work terrible jobs before their big break. Others might have secretly tried to use their status for their own gain. Whatever the reason, there will always be things about people you don't know. From Michael Jackson to the Pope here are some interesting facts about famous people that you probably didn't know.


#1 Everybody loved David Bowie it seems.

This Italian chief of police was such a huge fan of Bowie's that he went to extreme lengths to get his autograph. Probably could have just asked.


#2 He wasn't always the pope.

During his younger days, Pope Francis was quite the tough guy. Maybe that's why he can handle being the Pope so well.


#3 Yes even he can lose.

Sorry fanboys but Gordon Ramsay isn't perfect. He can lose just like anyone else. Still, he's a good guy which isn't highlighted enough.

#4 The King of Pop wanted more.

Michael Jackson actually tried to buy Marvel just to get his way. Just let that sink in for a moment.

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