Failed WWE Romances

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Professional wrestling has been referred to as a sporting soap opera, and like any good soap opera, it has its share of romantic relationships, both real and scripted.

Steve Austin And Debra

Formerly known as Debra McMichael, Debra Marshall was married to former Chicago Bears linebacker and pro wrestler Steve McMichael. Debra was a WCW performer from 1995-1998 often working alongside her husband.

After their divorce Debra made her debut in WWE in 1998. Working alongside Jeff Jarett in the Valet/Manager role. The leggy blonde caught the eye of wrestling superstar Stone Cold Steve Austin. The two began dating and were married at the Little White Wedding Chapel, Las Vegas in September 2000.

Debra and Austin Both left the company in 2002, and in June 2002 police were called to their Texas home and found a bruised and bloodied Debra. Austin was subsequently arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault, he pled no contest and was sentenced 1 year probation, community service and was fined. The couple's divorce was finalized in February 2003 after less than 3 years of marriage.


Chris & Nancy Benoit

Nancy Elizabeth Toffoloni known by her in-ring names Woman and Fallen Angel, was a professional wrestling valet and manager. In 1997 Woman became engaged to professional wrestler and fellow WCW star Chris Benoit, after their on-screen relationship developed into a real-life affair and resulted in her divorce from another WCW worker Kevin Sullivan.

Nancy was last seen on air as Woman in May 1997. Benoit moved to WWE in 2000 and worked his way to the top of the company with him winning the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania XX.

Triple H & Chyna

The 9th wonder of the world Chyna (Joanie Laurer) was brought in to the WWE in 1997 as a bodyguard/enforcer for HHH (Paul Levesque) and later became a member of the wildly popular D-Generation X. The couple were also dating in real life, initially opting to keep the relationship secret. They eventually set up home together and remained a couple on screen.

In 2000 HHH was in an on screen relationship and "marriage" with the Stephanie McMahon, daughter of WWE owner Vince. The two then developed feelings in real life and began a relationship. Chyna claims she was one of the very last to find out about the affair after finding love letters from Stephanie in HHH's briefcase. In a radio interview in 2004 HHH claimed that he did not begin dating Stephanie until he and Chyna had been apart for some time. Chyna was up for contract renewals around the same time that she discovered the relationship and according to her, the WWE gave her a lowball offer and she knew the company wanted her gone. WWE on the other hand said that contract negotiations broke down because Chyna was asking for far too much money. Regardless Chyna was done with the WWE.


Eddie & Vickie Guerrero

Vicky Lara and Eddie Guerrero (Eduardo Gory Guerrero Llanes) were married in April 1990 when Eddie was just getting his start in wrestling as a jobber for WCW.

Their partnership was a turbulent one, with Eddies well documented struggles with drugs and alcohol putting a strain on the relationship. Vicky and Eddie had 2 daughters Shaul and Sherilyn, and Eddie also had daughter Kaylie with another woman during a brief separation from Vickie, but the couple soon reunited and renewed their wedding vows to solidify their relationship.

Eddie was eventually able to battle his demons and became a born again Christian. He was one of the top performers in the WWE and won the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania XX. In 2005 Vicky Joined WWE as an on air talent featured in a feud between Eddie and Ray Mysterio.

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