Fake Photos That Went Viral On Internet

By Johny in Facts and DIY On 21st September 2015

#1 This was the picture when Hurricane Sandy was expected. And people were actually believing this. But in actual it's capture of some Movie.

#2 There is no Fairy Pools in Scotland. Some one photo-shopped the image of Shotover River, New Zealand and changed it in a Fairy Pools.

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#4 This Picture got fame because of "Mystical Tree Of Life" in it. But in real, it's from Animal Kingdom, disney World.

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#5 It's picture of Kuwait When flood attacks Kuwait Science Center. Water is for real but Sharks ain't

#6 According to Internet, kid tied his cycle during war and tree gulps it. But in Actual Kid was not Real, He was version of Photoshop.

#7 This is not the actual Shooting of Action film. It's just a dramatized picture of Film to gain fame.

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#8 Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger hanging out together as make-up of Joker of Batman But In real this picture was not taken But in Was statue it's real.

#9 In Actual Martin Luther King Jr. was pulling sign of peace but some one cut his 1 finger and make it middle finger.

#10 Paris Hilton got trolled by her shirt Photoshop. original was Stop Being Desperate.

#11 This boy is sleeping between his parents. But before you start crying let me tell you the fact. it was actually scripted by photographer to win competition.

#12 Lightening Hits a tree. WOW Photoshop can make the world Stupid in just 2 minutes.

#13 Burj Khalifa holds a moon. It's fake Completely fake... And it's also not an angle that can make moon on burj khalifa.. it's just photoshop trick. cut and paste.

#14 This was the actual picture of most viral photo of pooping lady in the air. Do you remember?

#15 This is a pic of Malaysian Airlines flight 17, shot down over Ukraine. But it's completely fake because there is not such type of sand in Ukraine.

#16 The image is the result of Photoshop trickery.

#17 Plane never fly too low without any weather forecast. Air Fails.

#18 Sarah Palin is quite an…interesting individual. But it’s unlikely that even she’d bust this move.