Family Helps Their Son With Down Syndrome Seek Speech Therapy With The Help Of Music And Get Surprisingly Amazing Results

Posted by Sama in Feel Good On 21st May 2018

#1 Amanda And Caleb Gave Birth To A Beautiful Baby Boy

Amanda and Caleb excited about the birth of their second child were super excited but the young parents never knew the tough emotional time they were going to face soon. Born with special needs, Bo spent a lot of time in the hospital undergoing surgeries and trying to recover and fight for his life in the hospital's Cardiac Intensive Care Unit.


#2 Bo Was Kept In CICU Under Induced Coma For Three Months

Because of the complications, Bo was kept in ICU for three months under an induced coma. Recalling the tough period, Amanda recalling the time says her son was trapped in the silent atmosphere of the CICU, "All you hear is the monitors and the rhythm with the beeping."


#3 The Young Parents Were Desperate To Fight For Their Son's Life

Worried sick about their child's recovery, Amanda and Caleb were desperate to fight for their son's life. Being musicians by profession the young parents wondered if music would be able to bring their child back to life? Taking special permission the couple somehow managed to play music in their child's recovery room, "After weeks and weeks (which ended up in months) of being in the hospital in a silent room of the CICU, we got special permission to bring a guitar in and sing to him in hopes that it would comfort him."

#4 "You Are My Sunshine" Became Their Son's Signature Song

Deciding upon, "You are my sunshine" as their son's signature song, the young parents started playing this song in hopes that Bo would have a speedy recovery. But they never expected such a response from him.

Amanda said, "He started to move and that was the first time I saw him react when we would sing. It blew us away."


#5 Lydia Became Determined To Help Her Brother In His Journey Of Recovery

Bo's elder sister, Lydia has been learning to play the guitar since age 4. Seeing her younger brother's response towards music Lydia decided to learn the song. For months the little girl practised the song with Bo along with their own happy-to-go lucky dance. However, Lydia never expected her brother to react so strongly to the music and proving the doctors wrong all the way.

#6 With His Speedy Recovery Bo Shocked Not Only His Parents But Also His Doctors

Lydia said, I was just playing and he interrupted me, and I was like 'Oh my gosh!' I screamed, 'Mom! He just said 'happy!'" Doctors had told Amanda that her son won't be speaking for the next 2-3 years and this is something very common for children suffering from Down Syndrome. So, when Lydia told Amanda Bo said a word, she initially didn’t believe her. She made Lydia sing the song again, and sure enough, Bo chimed in.

Amanda immediately made the video and uploaded on the social media, since then the super adorable has gone viral.

#7 Music Helps In The Speech Therapy Of People With Special Needs

According to science, because of the anatomical differences associated with Down syndrome (such as skull shape, jaw, palate, tongue size relative to mouth, etc), along with other challenges, children with Down syndrome often have difficulties developing clear speech. Though it is believed that music therapy helps to provide speedy recovery to the patients and Bo's story proved the theory to be correct.

#8 Music Therapy Can Be An Effective Modality For Children With Down syndrome To Develop Speech And Language Skills.

The Music Therapy Center of California explains, "Music therapy can be an effective modality for children with Down syndrome to develop speech and language skills. Specific songs can assist and target oral motor skills to exercise face and tongue muscles and can also help with sounds of speech."

#9 Thanks To Lydia Bo Has Improved Alot!

In an interview with local media, Amanda said that she is now teaching her son new songs and her son is happily giving a positive response, "We are teaching him ‘Row Row Row Your Boat’, so he can learn his name."

The happy mom says that her son is recovering happily and this is all thanks to their daughter Lydia who is determined to help her brother and has made the impossible possible with her will power and determination, "We feel like he’s defying the odds thanks to Lydia and her determination."