Famous Celebrities At Their High School Prom... Is That Really Lady Gaga?

Posted by Editorial Staff in Entertainment On 13th June 2016

Most celebrities had average lives before becoming who they are today -- meaning, they went to elementary school, middle school, and high school just like everyone else. Sometimes people forget that celebrities were not always famous (of course this excludes people who have been in the spotlight ever since they were kids).

When people reminisce on their high school days, one of the big nights they'll never forget is their prom night. A night where everyone in the graduating class gets together to dance the night away in formal evening wear.

Thankfully for us, pictures of various celebrities at their prom have surfaced onto the Internet and it's actually quite nice seeing how humble all these stars look in their high school photos


#1 Amanda Seyfried

It's like she hasn't aged at all. In fact, her character as a teenager in the movie Mean Girls looks almost exactly the same as what she looks like in this photo.


#2 Lizzy Caplan

Speaking of Mean Girls, does anyone else think Lizzy looks like a real-life Janis Ian in here?


#3 Shaq

I wonder if he was the star on the basketball team during his high school days. He most likely was... and probably the tallest guy at his school as well.


#4 Usher

Just as we expected, the super suave Usher we know now... was just as super suave back then. Not everybody can pull off an all white tuxedo.

#5 Wiz Khalifah

Woah, Wiz looks like a new man without his hair and scruff. Never thought I'd ever see a clean cut version of Wiz like this.


#6 Ashton Kutcher

What's new? Just Ashton being Ashton, tearing it up on the dance floor with his smooth moves. Looks like he's always been a ladies man.


#7 Halle Berry

The stunning Halle wearing what looks like an all out dress. We expect nothing less from this queen.


#8 Harry Styles

How can you not love those dimples. He's just as cute back then as he is now.


#9 Paul Rudd

One of Paul's biggest appearances in the start of his acting career was his role as the older brother figure to a high schooler in the movie Clueless. Here, we see him being the clueless high schooler for once (with that questionable hair-do).


#10 Taylor Lautner

Widely known as the hunky werewolf in Twilight, here we see a younger not so hunky but still very cute Taylor. I don't know about that hair though.


#11 Jaden Smith

One of the more recent celebrity prom snapshots. It looks like it may have been a costume party? I can't think of any other explanation for Jaden's attire.

#12 Ne-Yo

Work it, Ne-Yo! He probably had ladies at the palm of his hand.


#13 Christina Aguilera

What's better than attending prom with a date? Attending prom with your best friends. Christina obviously did it right.

#14 Lauren Conrad

It looks like Lauren won prom queen, can't really say we're surprised. She seems like a well-rounded sweetheart.

#15 Fergie

This pretty lady hasn't changed a bit, she looks just the same! That guy must have felt like the luckiest guy at the prom.


#16 Nick Cannon

Awww doesn't he look so adorable? Was he really a senior in this photo? He looks so young

#17 Liam Payne

The ever so admired Liam doesn't look like himself here. I had to take a double glance after I discovered it was him.

#18 Rumer Willis

Bruce and Demi Moore's daughter during her bald days. I don't know about you, but she still looks just as beautiful to me without hair versus with hair.


#19 Carrie Underwood

Isn't this the most adorable photo ever of Carrie? She's glowing, she looks happy, and she's in a star!

#20 Busta Rhymes

He was probably busting rhymes all night. Sounds like a prom I wish I was at.

#21 Bethenny Frankel

And here we see Bethenny in what looks like the epitome of all '80s prom dresses. Those puffy sleeves say it all.


#22 Blake Lively

The gorgeous Blake looking like she hasn't aged at all since high school. Her date obviously doesn't feel worthy of her, why else would he have such awkward hands.

#23 Courtney Cox

She's almost not recognizable with that cute innocent short hair-do. A very conservative dress for a conservative lady.

#24 Debra Messing

That guy ain't no Will but Debra's definitely got grace in this photo. You see what I did there?


#25 Ariel Winter

Can you recognize this hottie from Modern Family? Hint: She's the "dorky" sister.

#26 Pauly D

Can you believe there was once a time Pauly didn't have his hair?! Who is this man?!

#27 Verne Troyer

His date looks dressed appropriately but what are you wearing Verne? He looks like he's ready for a golf tournament.


#28 Tupac Shakur

This must have been the fiercest couple at their prom. Just look at their faces/poses. Why so serious?

#29 Lady Gaga

Can you spot out which one she is? She's a lot tanner than usual, she practically looks like a different person!

#30 Demi Lovato

Demi made a promise to her friend Nolan in Kindergarten to go to prom together and she kept it! Isn't this the sweetest thing ever?