Finally An Easy Way To Get Rid Of Dry And Discolored Skin!

By Suzanne in Health and Fitness On 12th October 2015

#1 Bad Skin?

Tired of your skin looking dry and discolored like this? Well fear not, because we found the answer!

#2 Aloe Vera

This helps to repair dry skin, by putting the lead directly onto the problem area for 20 minutes. You will see major improvement if you continue to do this daily.

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#4 Lemon!

Lemon is a very strong natural acid! So applying lemon juice to your body helps with both color and dry skin. Leave it on for 20 minutes then wash it off.

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#5 Sugar and Olive Oil

Strange combination right? Well sugar helps to scrub away dead and dry skin, while olive oil helps to heal. Mix them both into a paste then apply it to your problem areas for 5 minutes. Your skin will be radiant in no time!

#6 Cucumber

Cucumbers are extremely helpful with dark underarms...because everyone wants to look their best in summer right? Blend lime juice, cucumber juice, and turmeric and apply under your arms to help lighten skin.