Fire Work Lands On Baby After Teenagers Fire It From Passing Car Into Its Pram

Posted by Sama in News On 17th November 2020

A terrifying incident happened in Bedfordshire where a group of passing teenagers threw a firework explosive in a passing car. The resulting incident put the infant's clothes on fire but thankfully the child escaped any serious injury. Police are now on a manhunt for the teenagers who committed such a disturbing act.



A baby's clothes were set on fire after teenagers released firework in a passing car. 

The disturbing incident took place in Dunstable, Bedfordshire.

Thankfully the child's clothes were only burnt and the infant escaped unharmed. 

Daily Mail

Police are now on the hunt for the crazy teenagers who committed this crime, reportedly they were traveling in a small hatchback. 

Similar incidents have been reported in the past with teenagers throwing rockets at other properties, as a result, a ban on fireworks was announced. 

PC Sam Allen said: 'We do not believe the child was targeted in this incident and although the firework burnt their clothing fortunately they were not injured. 

'However, it was a very distressing incident and could have resulted in serious harm. 

'We are very keen to speak to anyone who has information or was in the area at the time and has dashcam footage that could assist our enquiries.'

It comes as Police Federation chair John Apter called for an urgent review into the sale of fireworks amid a spate of attacks across the UK.


A few weeks back an equally disturbing event was reported as a bunch of youth set of firecrackers outside RSPCA Harmsworth Animal Hospital in Finsbury Park, North London, leaving terrified staff trapped inside and animals scared to death.

One of the staff members shared the video on the internet which shows the street alight with fireworks as she said: 'It's like something out of a war zone. 

In an emergency measure, many of the animals were shifted to another building with fear that the explosive might hit any of the terrified animals. 

A number of similar incidents took place on Bonfire Night as teenagers were filmed firing rockets towards a police car in Brierfield, Lancashire while a group of youths was seen firing explosives on a residential street in Shawlands, Scotland. 


In Liverpool, footage captures crowds cheering as the pyrotechnics burst loudly in the sky, but things quickly turn sour when some of the fireworks went off too close to the ground and sparks were thrown over cars and people standing on the grass.

A witness later said it was 'a miracle no one was hurt' during the incident.  

Steve Raper, chairman of the British Fireworks Association (BFA) which represents retailers, said there has been 'a massive spike in sales' as part of a shift to 'back-garden displays'.

With UK's strict ban on explosives, he added heath and safety warning to people who were turning to online retailers for getting the explosives.

 He said: 'Many of the fireworks being used in those situations will be illegal, brought on the internet.

'Because of Covid and lockdown, a lot of people have moved from buying fireworks over the counter at a trusted retailer to getting them online.'