First Time Mom Asks Nurse For Help With Postpartum Depression, In A Shocking Response Nurse Calls Cops On Her

Posted by Sama in News On 11th February 2018

Jessica Porten never in her wildest dreams thought that she would land up in jail for opening up about her symptoms of Postpartum Depression to her doctor. The young mom took to social media to vent about the shitty healthcare system and share the humiliating experience with parents out there in hopes that no other person has to go through it again.


#1 PPD Is Associated With Childbirth And Is Very Common Among Young Parents

Postpartum depression also known as postnatal depression is a mental health issue that is associated with childbirth. However, it is a very common problem that can affect both the sexes but due to the stigma the issue is not openly addressed. The common symptoms include anxiety attacks, sudden bursts of anger, depression and mood elevation but they may vary from person to person.


#2 Only 20-30% Get Treatment For It

According to the Professor of Pediatrics at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Robbert T. Ammerman, getting treatment for PPD is a privilege and only 20-30% women get treatment for it in US. While the chances are much lower for low-income mothers.


#3 PPD Is Treatable!

The condition can be easily treated with proper treatment and medications and patients can lead healthy normal lives. A number of healthcare professionals and doctors encourage women to speak up openly about PPD and to never shy away from talking about its symptoms.

#4 Jessica Porten Talks About Her Experience On Social Media

Following the advice, one woman Jessica Porten went to her doctor to talk about her PPD and to get treatment for it. But what this new mom experienced was something beyond shocking and she couldn't help but share her experience with people on social media.


#5 How Little Support Mothers Get From The Healthcare System

Porten in her post wrote that she knows that posting her story on social media won't help much but she wants the world to know how little support young moms get from their healthcare systems, "I had a really hard time deciding whether I should post something about what happened last night, since putting it on Facebook wouldn’t help the situation. But I don’t know, I feel like this has to be said out into the world so you can all see how little support mothers get from our healthcare system."

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