Fishermen Dive Into River Moments Before Huge Speedboat Smashes Into Their Vessel

Posted by Sughra Hafeez in Amazing On 19th January 2018

A video shows the terrifying moment a fisherman and his passengers were forced to dive into a river in order to avoid a collision with a huge speedboat that they spotted hurtling towards them.

A GoPro camera captured the dramatic moment.

Marlin Lee Larsen's 31-foot motorboat plowed into Bryan Maess' 20-foot fishing boat near the mouth of the Columbia River, Oregon, and the Pacific Ocean on August 12.


A passenger on Maess' boat frantically waves his arms and repeatedly screams "Hey!" in a desperate attempt to get the driver’s attention.

The sheer size of the vessel combined with the speed it was traveling meant the passengers would have been seriously injured or even killed.

All three jumped into the icy river with seconds to spare.

The next moment, Larsen's boat crashed into the fishing vessel, causing serious damage.


The fisherman suffered injuries to his ankle, leg and arms in the incident and has had vision problems and headaches since.

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