Fitness Influencer Admits To Faking Cancer Battle For 3 Years To Gain Followers

By Abdul Rafay in Health and Fitness On 10th June 2023
Credit: Instagram/@oanpanmano

In a surprising admission, a fitness influencer who had previously claimed to have advanced pancreatic cancer has acknowledged that she had lied about her illness.

The Taiwanese influencer, known online by the handle MianBaobao, originally revealed her heartbreaking pancreatic cancer diagnosis three years ago. Since then, she has routinely updated her 11,000 followers on the condition.

Her previous Instagram bio even read: "Non-professional weightlifting athlete and a professional cancer fighter," according to Insider.

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Credit: Instagram/@oanpanmano

But last year, when a man posing as her ex-husband posted his concerns online, her cancer story began to fall apart.

The man said: "Every time she went for treatment she insisted that her family drop her off at the entrance to the hospital and insisted on seeing the doctor alone.

"The total medical expenses for the whole family in 2021 amounted to just $275, and I never saw any attending doctor, diagnosis proof, or hospital receipts from her in the past two years."

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Credit: Instagram/@oanpanmano

And at this point, she has acknowledged that she made it up.

The influencer posted an apology originally written in Mandarin after removing all of her Instagram postings, which read: "To all the family members, friends, fans, and netizens who have cared about me, supported me, and cheered me on, I want to apologize.

"I did the last thing a person should do. I lied about cancer and lied to everyone for three years. I'm sorry to anyone who ever gave me a little kindness.

"I know I deserve to die for the things I've done. And now I need to pay the price for the choices I've made."

She even took the opportunity to express her regret to the companies that had supported her over the previous few years: "I’m fully responsible for a big vendor if it needs compensation, of course I know a lot of money can’t pay.

"I’m sorry for the storm caused and I’m sorry for the waste of everyone.

"Made the most wrong demonstration, hurt the people who love men and the people I love. I’m really sorry about all this."

According to The South China Morning Post, the influencer lied about having cancer in order to raise the popularity of her online presence.

It's shocking to learn that MianBaobao isn't the only individual to have lied about having cancer.

A TikToker who claimed to have a tumor the size of an American football earlier this year was arrested for defrauding fans out of $37,000.

When Madison Russo was arrested for first-degree theft, which carries a ten-year jail sentence in her home state of Iowa, it was revealed that she had lied about having pancreatic cancer.