Five Simple Tips To Help Flatten Your Stomach

By Sughra Hafeez in Health and Fitness On 21st September 2015

#1 Salt

Salt is of course, a necessary component for a healthy life. But an intake of an excess of salt causes an imbalance in the water-salt combination of the body. This will result in a bloated belly. So, use salt in very little quantity if you want a flat belly.

#2 Drinking water

Drinking water releases stored cellulose and will quickly restore your flat belly. So drink more!

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#4 Carbonated drinks

Avoid carbonated drinks if you want a quick reduction in your belly size. Read more at:

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#5 Sweet/sugary food items

Sugary food item can create excess of gas which ultimately results in bloated belly. So, try to avoid sugary food items as well as packed food.