Five-Year-Old Girl Beats Deadly Meningitis But Her Condition Leaves Her With Vitiligo

Posted by Sama in Heartbreaking On 3rd February 2018

Aria Ellison is living a challenging life when only 16-months old the beautiful baby girl developed meningitis, in addition to her condition of cerebral palsy. But for the brave little girl she is, she fought the disease valiantly and was able to conquer it. However, the disease took its toll on Elisson's body and left her with vitiligo for life.

#1 Battled Deadly Bacterial Infection

Aria Ellison was only 16-months old when she got a deadly bacterial infection, who also suffers from cerebral palsy. Deadly meningitis almost claimed her life. The young girl was rushed to the hospital on time and she bravely fought the condition, beating it in the end. She was now recovering after two and a half weeks she was discharged from the hospital.


#2 Developing Unusual Spots On The Body

It was only a few weeks after her recovery that her mom, Alicia started to notice unusual spots on her daughter's body. The distressed mom says her daughter's body was changing colors from specific parts and started to develop white patches on her body.

#3 Her Condition Left Her With Vitiligo

The doctors told Alicia that the stress of fighting meningitis and the result of blood tests on the young body had left Ellison with vitiligo.


#4 Focused On Giving Her Daughter Best Life

Alicia reveals she was very upset with the condition at first and was always worried about her baby but now she has overcome it, "I had no idea that meningitis could have caused vitiligo, and it is still baffling to me now, but I have stopped boggling my mind trying to figure out why. It didn’t happen overnight, but now I am focused on how to help Aria live the best life possible."

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