Flight Attendant Reveals Stomach-Churning Reason You Shouldn’t Drink Coffee On Airplanes

By Abdul Rafay in Travel On 6th December 2023

Having a cup of coffee while flying is definitely not unusual, is it? Particularly during those really early periods when you're having trouble staying awake.

But for a stomach-churning reason, one flight attendant says you really shouldn't be enjoying the caffeine boost.

On social media, plane etiquette is a frequently discussed topic, especially in the summer.

Nonetheless, as people travel all year round, the argument does not end in the winter!

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Now, after disclosing the reasons why consuming coffee on a flight is not advised, a flight attendant has sparked a discussion.

In a video that he uploaded to TikTok, user @ichbinvin examined a Reddit post where flight attendants disclosed their "dirty little secrets" about the company.


The flight attendant opened the video by reading a specific comment that will give travelers who consume coffee a slightly sick feeling.

It read: "Not a flight attendant, but pilot: Don't drink coffee on board. The water tanks on airplanes are rarely, if ever cleaned, and they use this water to make coffee on board. I don't want to think about cold and bacteria growing in those tanks."

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I'm sure you can see where this is going.

The TikToker explained: "When you take a coffee pot and dump it in the toilet, in order to not make a huge mess everywhere, you have to get a little close to the toilet.

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"I imagine there is some kind of backsplash of particles, bacteria that goes directly back into the coffee pot which gets put right back into the coffee maker."

He added: "So unless the airline you're flying with has an espresso maker on the plane, I would not get regular drip coffee on the plane."

In 2019, CUNY Hunter College researchers conducted an investigation that resulted in the recommendation that passengers should only consume water from sealed bottles while traveling.

This involves avoiding tea or coffee that has been brewed during the flight and using hand sanitizer rather than running water over their hands after using the restroom.

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The majority of ten major and thirteen regional airlines were found to have violated the Aircraft Drinking Water Rule of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in a 2019 research.

The 2011 law mandates airlines to ensure safe drinking water for all passengers on board. 


Many have likely enjoyed coffee during a flight without any problems. Feel free to make your own choices in this regard.