Flight Makes Emergency Landing After Drunk Passenger Strips And Begins Asking Flight Attendant For Sex

By Michael Avery in News On 21st October 2015


You know what it's like when you're on a plane, you've had a few drinks and you think to yourself "I could really do with some sex I'll ask that lovely stewardess for help" No of course you don't! Or at least we hope you don't.

And nor should anyone except for this one guy who, basically, did all of those things.

A group of men got on their Sun Express flight from Dublin to Izmir, in Turkey.


But as the plane took off, the Irishman is said to have started removing his clothes before finally taking off his underwear and waving his penis around. Whether or not he kept his socks on is unknown.

It was then that he began to proposition the stewardess.

Reports say that the plane was forced to make an unplanned stop at Belgrade where the man was removed. It is not known if he managed to continue his journey after that.

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Witnesses say that they saw the group of men drinking heavily in the airport prior to the flight. It was reported last month that ministers were looking to block intoxicated passengers at airports from boarding flights.

Figures from the Civil Aviation Authority show that 156 air rage incidents have occurred on British airlines so far this year.