Foods You Should Never Order According To Chefs

Posted by Editorial Staff in Food On 19th September 2017

CHOOSING what to order in a restaurant can be difficult, but according to one chef, there are some classic dishes diners should avoid at all costs.


#1 Eggs with Hollandaise sauce

If you always order poached eggs with smoked salmon, asparagus or spinach, we have some bad news for you.

Chef Anthony Bourdain has said that brunch is the time when chefs can get away with serving the leftover bits and pieces from Friday and Saturday night dinner services.

A staple of brunch is classic eggs benedict or eggs royale - but Bourdain says the sauce has to be kept at a certain temperature for it to be safe to eat.

'Bacteria love hollandaise,' he revealed in his book, Kitchen Confidential. 'And nobody I know has ever made hollandaise to order.'


#2 Unless you can smell the salty air, bypass oysters

Since most fish markets don't deliver on weekends, the don't-eat-fish-on-Monday debate continues to rage on between freshness-loving chefs. Many avoid it like the plague, but others are comfortable ordering fish, if the restaurant has a coastal location or is known for seafood. When it comes to oysters, however, all bets are off, at least according to Cordon Bleu-trained chef, Mark Nichols. Nichols, who owns the high-end catering service JC's Catering, won't go near raw oysters if they were harvested more than 100 miles away from the restaurant serving them. "If handled and stored incorrectly, raw oysters can kill you," he explains. Not exactly the evening you were looking for when you made that reservation.

#3 Fish On a Monday

Most restaurants order in their fish on a Thursday - meaning that by Monday, it's about four or five days old.

Fish declines in quality rapidly after it's been caught, and needs to be eaten as fresh as possible.

Chef Anthony Bourdain said in his book: 'I never order fish on Monday, unless I'm eating at a four-star restaurant where I know they are buying their fish directly from the source.'

#4 Wagyu Beef

This famed cut of beef is revered for its melt in the mouth texture.

Most chefs serve it in small portions and few would consider mincing the meat - so if you see a Wagyu beef burger on the menu, think twice.

The restaurant may have told a cheeky fib in order to increase the price.


#5 Well Done Beef

Most chefs prefer to cook a steak medium rare because cooking well - done can cause the meat to get tougher.

But as well as well-done meat being chewy some chefs will set aside the tougher cuts and save them for customers who choice a well-cooked option, assuming that, as their meat will already be tough, they won’t notice.

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