Foot Care Tricks To Treat Your Tired And Sore Feet

By Editorial Staff in Health and Fitness On 3rd September 2015

#1 Give this soothing pumpkin foot scrub a try.

#2 Treat your cracked heels with a little vinegar and Listerine (really!)

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#4 Don’t go barefoot. Walking around barefoot can leave your toenails susceptible to foot fungus and disease, so keep the flip flops on.

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#5 The same rules that apply to your fingernails apply to your toenails.

#6 To get rid of calluses and corns, Make a foot file your friend

#7 Make sure you wear shoes that actually fit. You can cause painful ingrown toenails if you wear shoes that are the wrong size. And if you don’t keep your nails trimmed, you could risk infection by irritating your nail beds.

#8 Treat your heels to this soothing concoction.

#9 Try a refreshing peppermint foot scrub

#10 Pamper your toes with rosemary and olive oil.

#11 Switch out your metal emery boards for glass ones. Glass is a cleaner alternative to metal and emery filters, and still gets the job done.

#12 After being crammed into shoes all day, treat your toes to something

#13 Try a little reflexology.

#14 Give yourself a quick foot massage with a tennis ball.

#15 Keep your pedicure tools to yourself

#16 Keep your heels hydrated by applying lotion and then cutting a pair of old socks into socklets and wearing them to bed.

#17 Happy feet will follow