For Her Adoption, Teenager Surprises Stepdad With A Unique Gift At Graduation

Posted by Sama in Feel Good On 15th July 2018

For Lauren, her biological father has been absent most of her life, even when she tried her best to bond with him he shut her out in every way possible. But universe definitely had different plans for Lauren as she was then able to meet Joe Iosco from Plainfield, Illinois, her stepdad. And also one of the best person to happen in her life. Readout Joe and Lauren's heartwarming story and let it restore your faith in humanity.


#1 Family Is Not Always Blood Relations

A family is not always connected to blood ties, this is a feeling that we share with a lot of people and even observe it around us in our day to day lives. Same is for Lauren who got a stepfather almost 20 years ago. When we hear the word step, often negative things come into our minds. But not for Lauren because if you ask her, she is going to tell you that the last 20 years of her life with her stepdad Joe Iosco have been nothing but perfect. Joe has taken care of Lauren in ways that never once in her life she felt that her real dad was missing in action.


#2 Joe Has Played The Role Of A Perfect Father Figure In Lauren's Life

Even Lauren's mom, Sally vouches for their amazing bonding, she said, "When your kids are born you automatically love them. He chose to do for her what he does for his biological daughters." For Lauren, Joe has been the one who was there for her during her both the happy and sad times in life and this is what him so dear for her, "Joe has always been there for me and never been mean. He took me to pumpkin patches and even my little cheerleader games."


#3 For Years Lauren Tried To Bond With Her Biological Dad But It Was All In Vain

It's funny how things work in this world, Lauren has never bonded well with her real dad, even she tried her best to make an effort, "I tried to be a part of his life, but it just never worked out. The last time I went to his house was about five or six years ago." But this man here, who was a stranger for Lauren had he not met her mom, was willing to take the little girl's responsibility not only financially but also emotionally showing her the true meaning behind the importance of having an ideal dad figure in your life.


#4 "He Has Been There For Me For Everything"

Talking about her relationship with her dad, Lauren explains, "He’s been there for everything for me." The statement pretty much sums up her feelings and her bonding towards her father. Joe, when asked about it, said, "As the years went by, I not only fell in love with Sally, but I fell in love with Lauren as well. I’ve wanted nothing more than to be her dad from Day One ." Joe tried to adopt Lauren several times but everytime his efforts were somehow blocked by Lauren's biological father.


#5 Lauren For Her 18 Plans A Big Surprise For Joe

Lauren's 18th birthday was close when she inquired Joe about her adoption and getting a positive response she started to plan a surprise. Lauren was soon graduating from high school too she knew that her graduation ceremony would be the perfect place to make her plan come true. To give Joe a warm surprise she wanted all her friends and family to be present to witness the most important moment of her life.


#6 Reading The Sweet Poem, Joe Got Teary-Eyed

So during her graduation party, Lauren approached Joe and handed him a beautifully packed gift. Joe a bit confused as it was Lauren's big day, slowly unpacked the wrapper. Inside the packet was a framed poem and while reading it, Joe got teary eyed. The beautiful poem read:

"Some people would say you’re not my real dad,

but I know this isn’t true

You’ve been a real dad to me

in all the things we’ve been through.

We’ve had our ups and downs;

sometimes it’s hard to bend.

But you’ve always been there when I needed you,

and that’s what matters in the end.

You’ve been patient, kind and firm

over the years as I’ve grown

and I’m internally grateful for you

because you’ve treated me as your own.

For though we’re not tied by bloodlines,

The love and trust you’ve given me

Is a precious gift day after day—

That’s what counts as a real dad to me."


#7 Joe Was Not Only Surprised But Was Overwhelmingly Happy With It

Reading the poem Joe was already teary-eyed but what he saw next was enough to make him lose his composure and upon seeing the legal adoption papers he sat down on the floor crying, Lauren then informs the crowd in presence that she is asking Joe to adopt her legally. Still crying Joe nodded a big yes and gave Lauren a bone-crushing hug trying to tell his little girl that he is not only surprised but overwhelmingly happy with it.


#8 Joe Claims, Lauren's Gift Is One Of The Best Things He Has Ever Received In His Life

Lauren talking about it to media outlet says that never once in her life she doubted Joe's love for her but she is still glad that she was able to make things official, "I never doubted he was my Dad. The fact that it’s going to be official makes me happy." While for Joe, it was definitely the most important day of his life, "Lauren's gift was one of the best things I’ve ever received in my life."