Former Model Loses One Arm After Being Paralysed, Doctors Said She Had Dead Arm Due To Anxiety

Posted by Sama in Health and Fitness On 16th February 2020

Sonia Vera is a former US model and TV presenter. Due to transverse myelitis, the woman has become paralyzed from the chest down. Wheelchair-bound and going through the toughest time of her life, Sonia continues to fight her battles bravely with the hope that one day she will be able to walk on her feet again.


#1 Waking up with a painful sensation in her arm

Sonia Vera, who is originally from Venezuela, was in London in 2017, when she woke up one day with a strange sensation in her arm. Worried that she might be having a heart attack, the 46-year rushed to the hospital. The doctors then assured her to not get worried as the sensation was due to a bout of anxiety and was told to go home.

However, just five hours later when she woke up from her nap, she was paralyzed from the waist down.


#2 Diagnosed with transverse myelitis

The former model was immediately rushed to the hospital where she underwent several tests, including two spinal taps. She was eventually diagnosed with transverse myelitis, which is a rare neurological condition that causes inflammation of the spinal cord.

Over the next few months, Sonia was given steroids to initially reduce her inflammation and had undergone three IVIG transfusions alongside intense physiotherapy.


#3 Doctors told her that she might not be able to recover again

Sonia who had been a former model and a TV personality and had started her swimming line wear was told by doctors that the chances of her recovery are very slim and that she might not be able to walk again ever.

But being a strong woman she is, Sonia never gave up on her hope or her positivity. She believes one day she will be able to use her legs again and will walk on dry land again.

After reading about successful medical trials for an epidural stimulator in Kentucky, the United States, Sonia set up a Go Fund Me page to help her collect funds for the new treatment. Going through so much in life but not letting go of her positivity, Sonia said, "Physically it's been tough of course. I struggle with one whole side of my body that doesn't really respond on dry land, yet there are signs of messages coming and going when I am in a pool."

"I have neuro pain in my right arm that is constant and then there are all the challenges of everyday life, like getting around and reaching for things."


#4 Talking about her journey through the disease

"Mentally, I'm ok. I've had my lows and then I just pop right back up. I do meditation in the morning to calm any anxiety and then I mostly focus on my physio and being positive. Having faith is important.

"At first I was put on a lot of steroids to take the inflammation down, then I had three IVIG transfusions in the hospital. Since there is no actual cure for me, I don't have any regimen to manage my condition. I only take one pill for my Neuro pain in my arm.

"I have my good days and my bad days. But as I see it, I feel that there must be some lesson to be taken away from this experience and so I just try and live in the 'now' every day and take it one day at a time."


#5 The disease has not dampened her spirit and hope

Transverse myelitis is a medical condition in which there is an inflammatory attack on the spinal cord. The attack occurs when the body's immune system becomes misprogrammed and causes immune cells to attack the healthy myelin covering the nerves in the spine.

Sonia suffers from this neurological disease and continuously take pain killers to relieve her from the terrible pain. But despite going through so much, the disease has not taken away her spirit and she very much believes that a day will come when she will be able to walk freely without the support of her wheelchair. She even took part in a fashion style photoshoot while in hospital. We wish Sonia a speedy and healthy recovery!