Fun With Jell-O - How To Make A Jiggly Jello Bottle

Posted by Editorial Staff in Food On 5th June 2016

#1 The Internet Is Full Of Weird Things

One of the weirdest things is the new craze where people create Jell-O in bottles, decorate them to look realistic, then slice them up and serve the slices at treats. It's pretty cool actually. But how is it done?

Mix your beverage in a bowl in place of the water required for your gelatin mix. In this project, Mountain Dew Voltage is used.


#2 Add Six Packages Of Clear Gelatin To The Bowl

This will vary depending on which sort of drink you are going to create.


#3 Stir. Stir. Stir.

Whisk that mixture up good! Make sure you have dissolved all of the gelatin.


#4 Pour The Mixture Back Into Your Original Bottle

#5 Refrigerate The Bottle For 2 Or More Hours

Again, this depends on the size of your bottle. The soda only takes about 2 hours, but a larger container may take longer. Just make sure it is set before moving on to the next step.

#6 Your Finished Jell-O Beverage Should Look Like This

Using an Exacto knife and tiny scissors, slowly cut away the bottle in small pieces until you have just the gelatin shaped bottle.

#7 Peel The Label Off Your Bottle And Wrap It Around Your Jell-O Shaped Mixture

Then put the cap over the top and you have a jiggly, fun dessert to serve your guests.

#8 When Finished It Will Look Like This

This is a completed bottle jiggler, made with clear gelatin and sugar water for sweetening. You can see the label and cap are added for authenticity.


#9 Experiment With Other Containers

Now that you get the gist of this, try your hand at creating other jiggly bottle snacks. How about this milk jug? For this recipe actual milk was used with berry flavored clear Jell-O. It took 22 packages of Jell-O so this one might be too much for right now. Plus, milk?

#10 Show It Off Then Slice It Up

After you've shared your amazing jiggling dessert bottle with friends, slice it up and serve cold. It's awesome.