Funny Photos That You Can Totally Relate To If You Have Ever Worked In A Restaurant

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Funny On 19th June 2018

Working in the restaurant industry is one of the hardest jobs to hold down. It is a service industry and can become very stressful when you have to deal with so many different personalities on a daily basis. It also does not help if you are a waiter or waitress and you make a very small hourly wage, way below minimum wage, and have to rely on tips to pay your bills. If you work in this industry, you will be able to relate to these photos and perhaps get a good giggle out of your reality.



You do not even need to work in the restaurant industry to know that this action sucks big time. The only other thing worse than this is picking up an onion slice when you have a cut on your finger.

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One Bill

If you work in a restaurant and a big group comes in, you almost start having an anxiety attack just knowing you are going to have to split the bill up. Most of the time, they do not even tell you up front that the bill needs to be split, so you have to figure it out before bringing them the check. But, when a group comes in and it will be all in one bill, it is like the heaven open up for you.


The Tour

We know that working in the restaurant industry is hard, especially for the servers. So, when you are asked to give a tour to the new hire, it only makes sense to let them know where the best place is to go and have a good cry mid-shift.


Keeping Busy

No matter where you work, your boss will always tell you that there is always something to do even when there are no customers. But, sometimes you just want to take a few moments to yourself to collect your thoughts. You can usually get away with doing just that, but if your boss comes around the corner, you will grab anything to make yourself look busy.

No Arguing

Biting your tongue is something that you have to get used to doing when you work in the service industry. The saying, "the customer is always right" is something that you have to live by, unfortunately. Plus, if you argue back, chances are you can say goodbye to your tip.

Covering Your Shift

This is true about most places that you work. You could be on your deathbed, and your boss would still want you to find someone to take your shift.


Here is another situation where you have to adjust your own feelings so that you can still get your tip. Agreeing with the customer and sympathizing with them when they complain has the potential to earn you a higher tip.

Mr. Money Bags

Every server knows how to size up the customer and react in a way that will bring them the best tip. When someone who obviously looks like they have money, a server will bend over backward in hopes of a big tip. That means turning up the charm and making them feel like the only customer in the place, even if that means laughing at their dumb jokes.


Asking Questions

When you have worked at any restaurant for a period of time, you become confident that you pretty much know everything. However, you do not know every single ingredient for every single item on the menu. Only the chef knows that, but people will ask you anyway.

Late Customers

These kinds of customers are the very worst. They act like people are there to serve them 24-7 and do not even care that they are tired and just want to go home. Even if your restaurant closes at 9 pm, there will be people who show up at 8:59 pm, expecting to be served.