Furious Couple Complain That Winning $4.2 Million Home Has Been A ‘Nightmare’

By Haider Ali in Bizarre On 16th October 2023

An Australian couple claims that after winning a $4.2 million mansion, which was billed as "fully furnished," the house was really empty of several essential goods, making their win a "nightmare."


The Griffin family has now accused Adrian "Lambo Guy" Portelli of stealing items valued at about AU $100,000 from the residence before giving them the keys.

Property investor claims that he bought the house at auction in Gisborne, north of Melbourne, and then put it up for lottery prizes through his company, LMCT+.

The Griffin family, from Ballarat in Victoria, was thrilled to move into the house after winning the lotto.

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But they say they've found CCTV footage of Mr. Portelli taking expensive items out of the house, including a robotic lawnmower, a treadmill, Smeg appliances, and a BBQ smoker.


They have thus sent him a bill for AU $102,000, which includes a list of everything they say is missing from their "fully furnished" house.

They further assert that in the event that Portelli fails to provide the funds, a website titled "Our LMCT Nightmare" will launch.

Although Portelli argues that the items were placed there for the promotional video's purpose and weren't part of the win, Kevin and Andrea Griffin have stated that they thought they were entitled to everything that was shown in a video of the house when they won it.

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According to him, the couple is ungrateful and discovered cameras that Channel Nine had left there after doing a reality TV show before they "hacked into them."


When they did, they discovered a video of Portelli taking the items, which led them to compile a list of requests for their return.

Andrea Griffin stated in an interview with the Herald Sun: “We were just like ‘What the hell?’

“Why has he done this?”

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On social media, he said: “On a positive note, I’m going to give AU $100,000 to homeless people all across Australia.”

“Also we are going to give away all the Block stuff that we ‘took’ – for AU $1 dollar. And all that money, 100 percent, is going to homeless people as well.”

“I’m sure there’s a ton of homeless people at the moment that would die for an A$4.25 million house and a roof over their heads.”

“Let’s try help out as many people as possible.”

He called the couple "ungrateful" in another video, saying: “I’ve lived in the US, I’ve been to other countries. It’s not like this at all.”

"People support successful people. Here it’s just like, they want to shred bits off ya.”

“It’s sad because it discourages people from wanting to be successful.”